Federal Aid By, Pualani and matt

Federal Perkins Loan vs. Federal Work Study


Federal Perkins Loan:

  • financial need: This is determined by the cost of attendance as well as your expected family contribution
  • available for full or part time students

Federal Work Study:

  • Based on financial need
  • Available on and off campus
  • Work has to relate to your course study

How much can I borrow?

Federal Perkins Loan

  • Undergraduate $5,500/year, $27,500 available in total
  • Graduate/ Professional: $8,00/year, $60,000 available in total
  • Goes towards tuition, fees, room and board, etc.

Federal Work Study

  • Earn at least federal level minimum wage
  • Depends on type of work and skills needed
  • Undergrads: paid per hour
  • Graduate/professionals: work per hour or by salary
  • Paid at least twice a month
  • Pay is sent directly to your account
  • Goes towards tuition,fees, room and board, etc.

Important Info

Federal Perkins Loan

  • Cancelling your loan: cancel at any time but notify your school
  • Payment: you have to repay 9 months after you graduate or leave
  • If you left school less than half of the time, check grace period for loan payments

Federal Work Study

  • It helps cover the difference between cost of attendance and expected family contribution
  • Check financial aid office at your college for opportunities

Additional Questions

  • Check your schools for availability as well as for any additional requirements
  • Do your research: Plan ahead and check what yours schools offer!


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