Why is everything technologies fault? Working your way through the viruses of technology

The word technology. One word that has such a powerful meaning. One word that spreads into a vast majority of different tools engineered to improve our society. Technology helps our society grow as it is. There is many ways in which we are helped by it. Like easily saving paper by having everything electronically. Or in school where every individual middle school student gets their own chromebook so that it is easier to teach in every class. Now, many children have seemed to switching their school system to being home schooled because more technology makes it easier. Kids being home schooled makes it seem obvious that public school is less appreciated and needed when there are easy classes online. This can have both positive and negative outcomes. They won’t be able to know certain skills that others in real school will, because they will be too glued to their electronics all the time and even school won’t be a break from their phones and computers. New technology is letting people live more freely, but we are the downsides to it.

In my perspective, using technology as a teenager is a good thing. There is FaceTime, text messaging, easy transportation, and many more advancements in society. I mean, imagine life without technology. Is it possible in this light of day? The only thing I can imagine is the world being clueless. We wouldn’t know how to cure illness, make new friends over the internet, be able to access newsletters, write papers for school have easier communication, and be able to make 911 phones calls. In Kevin Kelly’s TED talk, he gives a definition of technology that gives us a true feel for technology "Technology is anything that was invented after you were born" (Kelly). This proves my point of not being able to imagine life without the technology we have today. Without it we would be left with roads, and maybe a small and unorganized government, everything underdeveloped.

In spite of the fact that I may love technology and what it does these days, it definitely has a negative side. In my book Feed by MT Anderson, I learned that with all of the exceptional technology that the characters had, they didn't have simple thinking skills and didn't even know how to read a handwritten paper. The book focuses on the future and give you a feel of what it is like. All of the people in the book have electronically programmed brains and are described to what we call present day “Robots”. An article from the Huffington Post about technology acknowledges, “Children now rely on technology for the majority of their play, grossly limiting challenges to their creativity and imaginations, as well as limiting necessary challenges to their bodies to achieve optimal sensory and motor development.” As a minor, I looked at the computer and wondered, is this really true? I thought because we have such advanced technology we are smarter than past generations.

So is technology really not helping us? Then, I thought, people. We are the negatives to technology. Well aren’t electronics meant for us? Of course they are! Technology was meant to improve everything in Our world. I mean isn't it great that you can order Panera from online so you don't have to talk to anyone and you can just easily pick it up. It’s easy to blame the actions on technology when we are the ones to actually cause them. Whose fault is texting and driving, when the phone didn’t force you to pick it up. This is exactly what I mean, we weren’t thinking about what could happen and that it could be dangerous to not only us, but others. We get a text and are dependent on answering it. We are so used to technology, that when we have to go and face real talking we don't know simple conversations starters because texting is so different and definitely more comfortable for us. Individually, I know I have poor social skills, but there were times that I wasn’t bad at making presentations, or talking to people in general. At that time, I only had an Ipod and me and my siblings were strictly limited to no TV Monday through Thursday. I wasn’t dependent on technology whereas now, I am.

Looking at technology through the lens, after reading an out of the ordinary book and doing extensive research, I now realize that technology has many more negative sides to it than I thought. Although, there is one catch. Us, as in people are the negativity to the technology. We made it negative. Without us, there could be no other bad side to technology. We created texting and driving, our Iphones didn’t. We overuse it and cause ourselves to have poor social manner and most of all, we let the technology take away from our learning and listening. Hence the not listening to all of the classes about how dangerous it is to text and drive yet people do it anyway. We will always use technology negatively but simultaneously it will keep improving and hopefully one day there will be a solution to all of our problems.


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