Rosa Parks She changed history for everyone

She stood up for her rights, no matter how long or how hard it was she still kept on going. Rosa Parks wanted to end segregation and she quotes “ People always say that I didn't give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn't true. I was not tired physically... No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in”. Rosa Parks is a women who changed history for all of us. She wasn’t just a women who changed life for all of us, she inspired people to not be afraid and to speak up for yourself. Today i'm going to tell you how Rosa Parks made history.

What did she want?

Rosa Parks wanted civil rights for everyone because back then she didn’t have civil rights and if she didn’t have rights then the only thing she could do was to just try to stay alive. This made her want to stand up for herself for civil rights.

Why do they want it?

When Rosa Parks was little she remembers hearing the Klan riding at night and hearing lynching and being afraid of her house burning down. This made her start the bus boycott because she wanted thing to be right. Rosa Parks wasn't the first person to violate a segregation law on the bus. There was many other but they all didn't work out so good. Because some many others didn't get the rights this is another reason why she stood up for herself. The law was when the bus was full, African American had to move out of there seats for a white passenger to sit in it, his was a law, that some disobeyed. She was denied twice to vote not because she didn't know how to but because she was black and she wasn't allowed to, this made her want to fight back for civil rights.

How did she try to get it?

She worked as a seamstress at first and then she became active with the National Association Advancement Colored People or ( NAACP) and serving as a secretary to 1943 to 1956 in Montgomery. Was this before the civil rights movement or after it?

When she got married her and her partner both joined the (NAACP) and then they tried to stop racial segregation and improved the community. This is important because when they joined the (NAACP) they tried to make a difference by trying to stop racial segregation. Rosa Park was a women who sparked the civil rights movement, she made people notice that it was wrong and that it needed to change. Rosa Parks must have been a brave women to speak up for civil rights. She helped and prepared black people to register to vote. She knew that people were going to give them a hard time. She also stood up for blacks for civil rights and helped others.

What were her positive consequences?

Rosa Parks was asked to advised the (NAACP) youth group because they were inspired by her. Rosa parks had difficulty during her journey but also she had good times. Some people today are still inspired by her.

Because of Rosa Parks history was greatly impacted. Without Rosa Parks maybe things would have stayed segregated. The southern Christian Leadership Council did a annual Rosa Parks freedom award in her honor. Since Rosa parks stood up for herself they gave her a freedom award. In 2013 Rosa Parks had a statue added to statuary hall, and she was the first African American women to be honored. Rosa Parks got a lot of awards just for standing up for herself. Because of her they ended segregated transportation. Now in 2019 there is still racism but it is not as bad it used to be.

What was her Negative consequences?

One day when she was on the bus she was told to give up her spot to white man, when she refused, she was arrested, and fined for failing to obey orders of the driver. This was crazy because all she wanted to do was take a bus home. She also tried to do several other things that didn't work out so well. Rosa Parks last few years didn't go as planned. In 1994 she was robbed and beaten by a African American and he only got away with small amount of her money. I can't believe that she was robbed and beaten by her own kind. Rosa Parks died on October 5 2005 she was only 92 years old. Rosa Parks has done everything she could to get equal rights and she did.

Was she successful in what she did?

I think Rosa Parks was successful because one year later segregated buses and public places were not segregated anymore. Maybe today things could have stayed segregated but all because of one person speaking up it changed history for everyone.

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