Hierarchy of Things* *loose interpretation

Below is the complete definitive hierarchy of things according to the collective minds of visitors to the Beenehold over the last few weeks.

1. Lava flow
2. Fire
3. Lava lamp
4. Ice Skating
5. Staring at walls
6. Using blender without lid
7. Jessie is 2nd coolest
8. Bluebonnets
9. Reading lists
10. Making lists
11. Christina's bakes
12. Thursday gamenight
13. Thinking
14. Riding a bike
15. Super double secret clearance
16. October babies
17. Woks
18. Michelle is the coolest + humblest
19. Beenehold
20. Noisy bugs
21. Pop-up popcorn bowls
22. Alaskan girlfriends
23 Puppies
24. Christian bands
25. Camping and hiking
26. Roadtrips
27. Glacier (thanks, Siri)
28. "The worst"
29. Adding to revelation

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