The Mysterious Benedict Society tRENton lee stewart, tatiana jackson

The New York Times Bestselling Series

The New York Times Bestselling Series

This book will take you to a mindset of thought, analyzation, Friendship+team work and most of all Mystery. It all starts when there is a peculiar newspaper spread in the city of stonetown asking for children to take a series of challenging, mind-bending test in return for special opportunities. Fortunatly, only 3 children pass but little do they know there are no "special opportunities but special challenges that they will face.

when you start reading the book you might expect the action to hit at the 3rd or 4th chapter but at the 1rst chapter things already start hitting the fan.

I would recommend this book for you passionately if you love adventure, discovery and finding out problems. Almost every chapter of the book the kids are in danger, finding clues and uncovering mysteries.

This book has a lot of cliffhangers so if you don't like feeling on the edge of a mystery I don't recommend this book for you.

Overall, I think the book is very fun and teaches the reader how important teamwork is especially when there is a common goal that needs to be reached.

"The missing aren't missing their only departed, All minds keep all thoughts-so-like gold-closely Guarded...."
"Grow the lawn and Mow the lawn. Always leave the TV on. Brush your teeth and kill the Germs, Poison apples poison worms"


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