Eric Santamore Period 3

A few facts about the Nile River

  • Our flooding season starts in June.
  • The flooding season provides silt for fertile land to grow crops.
  • We hunt for duck, geese and other game along the Nile River.
  • The Nile River also provides water to drink and for domesticating animals.
The Nile River is 4,160 miles long

Our Food

  • Our meats come from to animals pigs and cows.
  • We get milk from cows and goats.
  • We also have other foods like bread, onions and more...
This is one of the many vegetables that we eat here in Egypt. We also eat a variety of fruit.


  • The Nile River provides silt witch makes the land firtle.
  • After the flooding season yeah the entire year to grow crops.
  • We have animals such as goats,sheep ,cows , and pigs.
  • They provide milk wool , veryous meats.
The only place tha ancient Egyptians could farm is next to the Nile River because the land is so fertile.
Every June The Nile river floods the land. Leaving fertile land to grow crops. 

King Tut

King Tuts death mask will be made out of gold , turquoise and many other gemstones...
  • Menes our first ruler brought together lower and upper Egypt.
  • We just made King Tuts throne and it is beautiful.

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