Joseph Stalin By: Mackenzie Jordan

Stalin's Early Life and Family

Stalin grew up in a small town in Georgia. He got chicken pox at age 7 leaving him with scares on his face. He also got into a carriage accident leaving one his arms deformed. The other children in the village picked on him. He set out on a mission to make everyone respect him.

Born- December 21, 1879
His mom eventually got him enrolled into church school, he did well in the school, but could not pay for it so he dropped out.

He became the communist party leader in 1924 do to Lenin death. He set out to take total control. He eventually got people arrested in the middle of the night. He also killed millions of people with forced labor of starvation.

Joseph Stalin died on March 5, 1953 do to old age.

Famous Quotes


At this time that Stalin was in power, there was a lot of false propaganda going around. The first picture is showing that Stalin loves children and he wants to raise them to be good leaders ,it also shows that he cares for them. The second poster is explaining how the woman got more rights at this time. They got the right to vote, and to work a mans job.

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