My time at the Harn Musueum Samuel Goldstein

Viewing the sculpture, Islandia, allowed me to better appreciate the epic detail and color of the piece. A two dimensional picture does not do it justice. The magnificent dimensions and vividness of the sculpture showed me how highly gods were looks upon in Greek and Roman society. The artwork used its clay medium to depict the feminine form in all its glory.
I took a little detour and checked out the asian art wing which included a beautiful zen garden. I found it very appealing because it granted me a small break from technology and allowed me to feel one with nature. The cool pond and lush trees allowed for a chill vibe. The exhibit calms me down and allows me to reflect on life. Its beautiful scenery makes this wing one of my favorite.
This colorful abstract appeals to my core value of having a colorful balanced life. Rather than being one sided, it is ideal to consider multiple colors or points of view on an issue. Life is not black and white. Also, it is healthy to fill your life with multiple activities and passions and be well rounded rather than having a dull black and white life. The artwork makes me feel excited about pursuing my many interests.
In Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II by Yvonne Jacquette, busy street life is depicted in Japan. This artwork represents the Goodlife because it shows people leaving their busy work life and socializing with others. It shows exciting beginning to a night after work were people can enjoy the good life. The good life comes in many forms. It is up to us to decide if we are living the good life from our current situation. It is not the fast pace life style in urban japan that decided the Goodlife. It is us.

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