JMCSS 2020-2021 Teachers of the Year.

District level award winners:

Teacher of the Year: Grades PreK-4th - Amelia Coleman

Amelia Coleman has been a member of the JMCSS family since 2008. Ms. Coleman is a Pre-K teacher at Alexander Elementary where she’s responsible for lesson planning and implementation of educational materials; along with maintaining ongoing assessment to meet the needs of the students. During the spring of 2020, Ms. Coleman served as a Leadership volunteer in which she collaborated with other teachers. Ms. Coleman was given the task of creating code of conduct rules that would be conducive to the school culture and not be punitive, but serve as positive reminders for students' individual responsibilities. She created a code of conduct rules that pertained to the acronym GREAT:

Get along with others and stay in your space .

Respect teachers and school property

Extinguish loud disruptions and listen carefully

Always be on time and come prepared

Take a bow

Teacher of the Year: Grades 5th-8th - Jennifer White

Jennifer White is an upper elementary teacher at Community Montessori School (Grades 4-6). She joined the Jackson-Madison County School System in 2001. Ms. White teaches grades 4, 5, and 6 - All Subjects Self Contained. Students come to Mrs. White each year with different backgrounds and knowledge basis. To level the playing field of various backgrounds, she uses previewing skills to expose all children to the knowledge they will need to learn in future lessons. With their various backgrounds, another strategy Mrs. White uses is individualizing learning paths for each student. All of her students receive a daily work plan. This work plan can consist of additional practice, enrichment activities, reduced number or questions or problems, and remedial instruction. Additionally, Mrs. White is a Technology Teacher Leader at Community.

Teacher of the Year: Grades 9th-12th - Jada Seaton

Jada Seaton teaches History at Madison Academic (Grades 9-12). Ms. Seaton joined the Jackson-Madison County School System in 2007. Designing, planning and implementing high quality lessons in Government, Economics, World History, Sociology, and Psychology are just a few of the responsibilities Ms. Seaton handles at Madison. She also fosters a class environment conducive to learning and promoting student achievement and growth. Ms. Seaton's goal as a government teacher is to assist students in their development of a working knowledge of how the government operates and of the intricacies of The Constitution of the United States. Ms. Seaton works with the local election commission and holds voting drives to encourage every eligible student to register to vote. She urges her students to use their vote to choose the best candidate to represent them and to shape policies.

2020-2021 School level award winners

​David Westberry - JCM Early College High

Dr. Stephannie Cole - Parkview Prep Academy

Morgan Hayes - Northeast Middle

Leeana Cargile - South Side High School

Cheryl Currie - Isaac Lane Elementary

Alexis Williams - Andrew Jackson Elementary

Melissa B. Miller - Arlington Elementary

Catherine Reinhard - Thelma Barker Elementary

Rhea Lynn Fuller - Denmark Elementary

Lisa Vogan - East Elementary

Rachael Clark - Lincoln

Audrey Carroll - Nova Pre-K

Traci Winston - Pope Elementary

Tonya Joy Merriweather-Ward - South Elementary

Brittany Immormino - North Parkway Middle

Keith Weaver - Rose Hill School

Whitney Nichole Holmes - West Bemis Middle

Kenya Hill - Jackson Careers and Technology School

Aaron Woods - Liberty Technology High School

Michelle Leigh Dunlap - North Side High School

Carolyn Stephenson - CyberSchool