Koala Sam D

The Koala Bear is a marsupial and a symbol of Australia. First, they live on the continent of Australia and spend most of their time in trees. Second, they have greenish eyes and are only 2 feet tall and weigh 30 pounds. Next, Koalas have woolly light fur and dark grey fur with brown and white patches on their cream belly. All in all, the Koala looks amazing.

The Koala has a simple diet. First, they eat the eucalyptus bark and leaves. The Koala does not drink water because all the water they need are in the eucalyptus leaves. Second, when the koalas are not(20 hours of the day) sleeping, they are usually eating or looking for their food. The Dingo Dogs, lizards and people are the greatest threat to the Koala . To sum up, the koala’s diet they do not have to look far since their diet is made up almost entirely of eucalyptus leaves.

The koala’s reproduction is out of this world! First, the baby Koalas are called pups or joeys. Second, the Mom watches the baby Koala Bear for 1 or 2 years or if needed more. The Mother can only have 1 baby at a time. The Koala`s reproduction is simple. Here are some awesome interesting facts about the koala. First, the baby licks the mom’s scat. Second, Koalas smell like cough drops because of the food they eat. Third, unlike other arboreal (lives in trees) marsupials,and it’s pouch opens rearward so no dirt will get in. In addition, the Koala Bear is not really a bear. Now, in Australia they have sign on the road for koalas because they are becoming endangered species because they get run over by cars and the population.

Also,the koalas can swim,climb and they are even lazier than a sloth! In addition, they can live for 15 years in the wild and longer in captivity. Finally, the females are smaller than males the females are stronger than the males. Now that I taught you about the Koala Bear I hope you will help save them with me?

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