1963.In 1963 the first airplane was made.The first airplane was made by the wright brothers.Why it was made.It was mostly made for war because a lot of things were changing back then. Design.It was designed for one person and some looked like helicopter and they had wooden propellers. Hopefully there are more planes and can fit more people.

1990.More people.In 1990 the airplanes got more attention so they had to make room for 15 to 25 people.Jets.Jets came out because the companies needed faster airplanes ta carry people to farther destinations faster.Colorful planes.In this picture this plane is landing at Florida and is carrying people that are going to sleep in a hotel because of Disneyland and some planes are still used for war.These planes are newer but still has ways to go.

2005.More and more people. Sense sometimes you have to travel far and sometimes you can not take a car so now you can take a plane because now it can fit 50 to 100 people,that's a lot.Going under cover.Really fast planes go too the army or the navy because they need fitter jets for special missions.The special planes.The special planes go too athletes,artist,singers and many many more.These are nice airplanes but more airplanes are coming.


Created with images by skeeze - "jets air show aerial demonstration" • Kevin Ryder - "bournemouth aviation museum" • stuart.mike - "Make a Wish" • archangel 12 - "NL Air Force Days"

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