How to safely remove bird poo showing you all the DIFFERENT methods

The Intro

When Bird poo on your car, it is so annoying to look at, and it is also one the most aggravating contaminations to remove from the surface of your paintwork, especially when it has been left to dry on the vehicle. Some people seem to think that using the kitchen scourer is an easy. Safe and effective tool to use. Yes, we can't argue that it is not effective. However, it is not a safe tool to use and will leave scratch marks that even polishing by machine can find hard to remove.

We will show you how to remove the offending mess safely with or without the need for water. It is important that you remove the bird poo as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may start to eat away the clear coat/paintwork due to the acid content.

So let's get started with the first method.

Method 1. Using a Waterless Cleaner.

This method is best used on fresh bird droppings before they have had time to dry.

Use a waterless car wash, set the sprayer to the stream setting and try to use the power of the spray to break up and soften the droppings before wiping. You may want to leave it on for around 30-45 seconds to ensure the mess is softer and hopefully easier to remove. Ensure you spray the solution liberally over the surface and wipe off only in one direction, lifting the towel as you do this, to help ensure minimal contact with the surface. Repeat this process until all bird mess has been removed. Remember the less contact you need to have with the surface of the car, the less chance of scratching it.

Or you can do this using a small amount of water.

Place a damp towel on the paintwork,covering the offending bird mess and pat gently, like you would for removing stains from carpets or fabrics. After that turn the towel over, and repeat if necessary, you may need to apply more water if has not been fully removed.- Another good tip is to keep a spray bottle with water in it handy, so that you can remove the mess as soon as possible. By using a spray bottle, the force of the water being dispelled from the bottle will also help to dislodge the contamination, reducing the need for too much contact.

Method 2 Removing during the normal wash process.

Use a hose or pressure washer to remove as much of the mess as possible. Use a snow foam, to help soften the contamination and then use the pressure washer again, hopefully by this time most the bird poo will have been removed. Spray over the bird mess and place a damp microfibre towel on top, pat gently like you would for removing stains from carpets or fabrics, then turn the towel over, and repeat the process, adding more water if necessary until the mess has been completely removed.

You don’t want to use the same mitt you use for washing your car as you do for removing the bird poo! Otherwise, it will result in potential marring of the surface.

General tips

The less wiping or contact you have to have, the less chance you have of marring the surface.

Use compressed air or an air blower, if you have one, to blow away any loose parts of the bird poo!

The quicker you remove the mess, the easier it is to remove and the less likely it will cause any damage to your paintwork.

Having a layer of protection applied to your car will make it safer and easier to remove any contaminations, but it is still important that the bird mess is removed as soon as possible as the acid may remove or damage the layer of protection.

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