Radio News Hub Media Pack 2021

Radio News Hub formed in 2014. It provides news to over 300 English speaking radio stations around the world on the hour, every hour. A 30 second commercial follows our bulletins.

Using state of the art technology, bulletins are uploaded into client radio stations playout systems directly from our studios in Leeds.

With a worldwide audience advertisers in this unique 30 second spot can receive up to 7,689* plays EVERY single day!

*Based on entire RNH network 24 hours per day. Correct July 2021.

Radio is the most successful advertising platform for companies looking to build their brand. RNH spots are unique. They are played alone (not in the middle of long breaks) at a time when more people switch the radio volume UP!


Our bulletins reach millions of your customers every day. In the UK we broadcast to commercial, community and hospital radio stations on FM and DAB - with some in RAJAR. Audience data can be provided for those stations in RAJAR.


Internet users can listen to our radio stations online or via an app. Latest figures suggest 50% of all radio listening is now accessed through the internet.


Radio News Hub provides all of the material to the UK's rolling news service, News Radio UK. We can tailor campaigns for this.

As well as broadcasting to stations across the UK, we also work with a number on English speaking stations around the world in locations including Spain, the Balearics, the Canaries, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Station lists are available on request.

On air - and now in vision too!

Sponsor our regularly updated YouTube shows, interviews & clips and reach thousands of your customers visually each day. From our team in Leeds to our reporters on location - we've got every angle covered.

Sponsorship deals include visual commercial messages, a presence on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and the opportunity to join in on one of our shows too!

Radio is so popular with advertisers because radio works in 'real time'. Listeners 'soak' up the commercial with adverts reaching a captive audience.

40% of all internet users are listening to the radio at any time whilst online.

This is great news for businesses which use the web to bring customers in - it means many of the listeners can check the website immediately.

Listeners typically describe their favourite radio station as a friend,advertisers can use that friendship to change the way people perceive them. This is especially true for branded content (sponsorship - which RNH also provides).

Business conditions can change, and radio is well set to meet those changes. Production of commercials is quick and low cost. This allows our advertisers to put the right message at just the right time

Our prices begin at 39p per spot based on three plays per day across all or any network / region

Discounts for bulk and long term bookings

Free spots included as part of any long term deal.

CPL prices start at £100 per lead

Any commercial provided to RNH must be exactly 30 seconds in duration and come complete with Radio Centre Clearance otherwise further production charges apply.

Begin your journey with us today at www.radionewshub.com