My Grade 9 Self Sara Reading

Hi, my name is Sara. I come from a family of 5, which includes my twin brother. I enjoy being a twin because you not only have someone closer to you but you have a very strong relationship. In the younger years I fell in love with sports. I have been playing hockey and baseball for a total of 11 years. I have a very strong passion for the sports I do because not only do I enjoy doing them, I enjoy playing on teams with different people who I can make a variety of friends. I feel I have benefited from these past sports because during hockey I knew my personal fitness mattered a lot from the amount of running spent off ice training compared to when it is baseball season. When off ice training was happening for hockey, I really was involved with the exercises because I knew it would push me to be better on the ice when I would have to take longer shifts. I really love the sports I do daily because I get a big rush of energy flowing when I do these sports.

Fitness: Over the past semester, my fitness scores have increased greatly. On September 12th, I had a score of 1 minute and 2 seconds in the plank. I worked on this particular exercise through other sports over the three months and on December 12th I pushed myself and achieved a time of 1 minute and 52 seconds and increasing my score by 50 seconds. The second test I have improved in greatly was push-ups. In September I tried for 3 push-ups and was successful. After practice and improving my muscle strength, I have increased the amount of push-ups I am capable of doing. On December 12th, I managed to complete 15 push-ups, which was a huge accomplishment. Last but not least, I am very proud of the progress I have had in the beep test. At the start of this year, I never pushed my self which lead me to a score of level 2.8. Throughout the semester I worked hard to increase my endurance by pushing myself in every activity. I feel that made a big difference towards the end of this semester because on the 12th of December I achieved a level of 7.2. I know how hard you have to work to be able to accomplish your goals.

Field Hockey: The sport of field hockey was very new to me. I had no idea what I was doing. I thought it was similar to ice hockey but it wasn't. Throughout this unit, I experienced some very challenging things. For example, I felt that switching from a left shot to a right shot was the hardest to do. The reason for this was because you could only shoot right and if you shot left then the ball would go to the other team. It was hard to get use to the feeling of shooting right on my weaker side compared to my stronger side because the ball would go way out of control at the the start. Once I practiced and worked on the techniques it just started coming natural to me and I started to work with my control which really improved. The most difficult aspect of this unit was learning all the rules. I found it very difficult to learn the rules because they are way different from other sports which made it hard to remember. Also getting the hang of playing was difficult because you really had to focus on the techniques first. Along the way I made some mistakes but once you got the hang of practicing everyday and learning new things to improve you could see a difference in the end. I really enjoyed playing field hockey as a new sport and would love to try out next year.

Track and Field: If I were to take part in the LDSS track and field team I would participate in discus and running long jump. Discus came natural to me due to the experience from other sports. The reason behind my choice of discus was because I believe I have a strong arm to throw. I also believe my push off is solid from the time I start to the time I finish my turn. This is a result from baseball because it makes me stronger to help push my disc further. I would continue to work hard on my upper body strength to push me for a longer distance. Lastly, I would par take in running long jump. I always thought to myself I would never become a jumper, but I guess I proved myself wrong. With the help of Mrs. McNeil giving me tips of where to try to jump from and teaching me proper technique I started to improve over time. In the end, I ended up with a score over 4 meters. Thanks to all the help and advice given. I would keep improving on my techniques by making them solid and continue to use personal training to up my endurance level.

Football: During the course of football I had a very fun time learning new things. My favourite part was trying to make those crisp passes to other classmates. If I were to teach another student how to hut the football I would explain step by step. Step 1, step up to the football and bend your knees slightly so you look like a football player. Step 2, place your legs shoulder width apart and the football out in front of you. Step 3, place your hands on each side of the football so your thumbs are on the seams and four fingers on the sides. Step 4, look back at your quarter back for your target then look back up before you hut, so when they come after you they don't jam your head. Step 5, release the ball under you to your target which is your quarter back with your head still up.

Volleyball: Over the unit of volleyball, I really found love for this sport. I enjoy volleyball because it's not only fun but it's competitive. Volleyball is a very popular team sport at our school. When volleyball tryouts begin and the season starts there is around 60 people willing to try out every year. There is a very high amount of kids eager to play when there are only 12 players on the team. During gym classes people are always asking their teacher when volleyball seasons starts or when we begin the unit. Furthermore, everyone is very familiar with the sport because it is introduced in the elementary curriculum. Most players have a lot of fun with this sport because you go to experience playing with different team mates at you may not already know. Finally, it is popular because kids these days are so into team sports that they are just so eager to play. Volleyball is appealing because people just really enjoy the team atmosphere and the different skills involved in volleyball. If a teammate was struggling with their skill execution, I would just encourage them to keep trying and maybe give them advice/tips at times (not bossy, just helpful) for them to improve their skills.

Badminton: I had a very fun time playing badminton as a new sport. I loved getting the opportunity to play with many different classmates to experience different things. I would choose doubles over singles. This is because it doesn't leave all the pressure on you. It allows you to communicate a lot with your partner and you can trust them. It gives you more time to react within each other and help each other out by playing, side to side or front to back. It gives you so much more options to do with the birdie because for example if both your opponents are playing up/ front you and your partner can communicate to do an over head clear to make it go high and deep for the point. During singles the pressure is all on you. When playing singles you have a lot of court to receive from. For example, if your opponent does a tip and you happen to get there and hit it back they have a lot of options to do with the birdie because you may end up out of position to receive the birdie back. Even though it may be hard in doubles it is extremely hard in singles because you have to react really quick opposed to in doubles both of you react and one ends up getting it. Overall, I had a very fun time playing badminton and learning new things to help improve.

Health: In high school you're introduced to a lot more freedom. You come into contact with a lot more drugs, alcohol and other influences. Decision making helps you avoid peer pressure and allows you to consider all of the possible solutions and decide which one is right for you. When making decisions, it brings a big impact on what your future will look like. It will affect the way you look at things and how you consider someone else. It brings on your future aspect because you are deciding how it is going to be. In high school if you make one big bad decision it could come back and bite you later on so you regret it.

Advice to your Grade 9 Self: My advice to my grade 9 self is to be yourself and don't care what others think of you. Stand strong for who you are and make people remember the positive things about you instead of the negative. No matter what happens, always stay positive. Do not give up, always be hopeful. One of my quotes I would like to share is " Don't let someone who has done nothing tell you how to do anything."


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