Forest of Dreams Karla balcaceres


My film is about a fish that dreams of going outside his tank. Opens with a shot of glowing fish tanks. there’s a fish swimming around. it approaches the glass and the top of the tank, looking outside. It tries once to jump out, and then again. It jumps and plummets towards the ground. Then a shot opens up in a forest, as it looks around.

Did the fish die? or did it make it outside to the forest of it’s dreams.


Establishing shot of tanks. The fish swims from right to left, then approaches the glass. He looks outside and swims up to the top to stick his head out. He swims back down and swims around the tank, making his decision. He jumps out of the tank and the screen goes black. Shot then transitions to glowing orbs and he wakes up outside in a forest.

Shot List

Final Film

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