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The Globe theatre is an icon in the world of theatre, with lots of influence being brought into modern theatre. The Globe has an interesting story of it building process, along with a rich history. The Globe also presented an unique audience, bright decorations, and elaborate costumes. Many of Shakespeare’s plays such as,”Macbeth” and others were performed on the stage of the Globe. The Globe Theatre set a mark in the world of Theatre and continues to influence modern theatre.

The Globe was built in an interesting way with an interesting look, as well as a rich history. The Globe was built on the outskirts of london by multiple men. The globe theater was a, “London playhouse, built in 1598, where most of Shakespeare's plays were first presented. It burned in 1613, was rebuilt in 1614, and was destroyed by the Puritans in 1644”(Columbia). The Globe was constructed in 1598, and was accidentally burned, rebuilt a year later, and then destroyed by the Puritans. The Globe has undergone two reconstructions and been destroyed twice as well. “Richard Burbage and the Lord Chamberlain’s Men dismantled The Theatre and moved it across the River Thames to a new site in Southwark. There they used the old timbers to erect a new theater called the Globe Theatre.” (Lander). This means That Richard Burbage had torn down The Theatre, a previously used playhouse. With the Timbers from the old playhouse, Richard Burbage and the Lord Chamberlain’s Men had reconstructed a new theater named the Globe Theatre. “It was large, round (or polygon) building, three stories high, with a large platform stage that projected from one end into a yard open to the sky. In the back wall of this stage was a curtained off inner-stage. Above This Balcony was a small balcony or upper stage, which could be used to suggest Juliet's balcony or the high walls of a castle or the bridge of a ship. Trapdoors were placed in the center of the stage for the entrances and exits of ghosts and for descents into hell.” (Anderson). The Globe was an “O” shape with three stories, a stage and platform, which was next to an open yard for the groundlings. Along with other features, the Globe had a unique design and was often alluded to by Shakespeare in some of his plays. “A reconstruction of the theater was completed 200 yards (183 meters) from the original site in 1996, and it officially opened in 1997” (Seidel). The theater was reconstructed for performing plays of Shakespeare. This new structure was officially opened 200 yards away from where it originally was in 1997, where plays are still performed there this day.

The Globe also consisted of a combination of elaborate costumes, bright decorations and banners, as well as an unique audience. The costumes often stood out and were not cheap. “The absence of scenery did not result in dull or drab productions. Acting companies spent much money on colorful costumes, largely to produce visual splendor” (Lander). Elaborate costumes were very common as they were invested in to produce visuals that could impress the audience. Mostly all acting companies wore costumes. The scenery was also invested in as well. "A whole forest was created in one play when a character announced, "Well this is the Forest of Arden." But Costumes were also elaborate, and the stage might have been hung with colorful banners or trappings." (Anderson). A whole forest was created in a play due to a quote from a character. The stage was also decorated with colorful banners, with elaborate costumes to go along. The Audience at the Globe Theatre was an interesting bunch. "At the Globe Theatre, most of the audience called the groundlings stood up in the open air at the bottom of the theatre, surrounding the stage. If an audience member was willing to pay double the admission fee, they could sit under the roof of the theatre. Those who payed the most, usually upper-class would be seated over the stage or on the stage." (Schmidgall). The general audience would stand in open-air and were called groundlings. The more wealthy people could sit in the upper stories of the theatre, and only the most wealthy sat on or above the stage.

The Globe was the playhouse where many of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays were first performed at. Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth” was even performed at the Globe Theatre. “Macbeth is a five-act tragedy by the English dramatist William Shakespeare. It was probably written in 1606 and first performed at the Globe Theatre, London” (World Book Online). Macbeth was performed first at the Globe Theatre. Macbeth was a five act tragedy, and one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Another popular play performed at the Globe theatre was “Henry V”. “Henry V is a five-act historical play by the English dramatist William Shakespeare. Its full title is King Henry V. It was written and performed in 1599, possibly the first Shakespeare play staged at the Globe Theater.” (Seidel). The play “Henry V” was a five act historical play written by William Shakespeare formally known as “King Henry V”. This was thought to be the first ever play written by Shakespeare to be performed at the Globe Theatre. Another infamous play performed at the Globe Theatre was William Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale”. “Winter's Tale, The, is a five-act play by the English dramatist William Shakespeare. It is often classed among his comedies but is really a romance. Shakespeare wrote it in 1610 or 1611, and it was staged at the Globe Theatre in London in 1611.” (World Book Online). The play is a romance written by William Shakespeare often thought to be a comedy. This was another one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, also performed at the Globe. Many of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays were performed at the Globe Theatre.

The Globe Theatre set a mark in the world of Theatre and continues to influence modern theatre. The Globe has a rich history, has been rebuilt more than once, and destroyed more than once. The Globe Theater also had bright decor, elaborate and expensive costumes, and an interesting audience to go along with it. Many Of Shakespeare’s plays were performed at the original Globe Theatre, and are still being performed to this day at the new Globe. To conclude, The globe has left a lasting impression on modern theatre.

Elaborate Mural above the stage.
The second and third stories.
A full house with 3,000 people.
The outside of the theater.


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