1960's KWCC KEaton & Cyler


There were many kinds of music in the 1960s!

1. The beatles 2. The rolling stones 3. The kinks


TV was not very often to be watched. Here were some famous TV shows in the 1960s.

1. Bewitched 2. The Andy Griffith 3. The beverly Hillbillies 4. Gilligan's Island 5. The Addams family


Art was really popular thing to do in the 1960s

1. Andy Warhol 2. Sigmar Polke 3. Elaine Sturtevant


There is a big change in clothing from in the 1960s from than today.

Men usually wore suits and women usually wore dresses/skirts.


Dance was also a popular thing in the 60's

Here are some famous dances, The Swim, The Mashed Potato, and The Twist

Cars in the 1960s were another big change than from today.

Some famous cars were Plymouth Road Runner, Volkswagen Bus, 1966 chevy Camaro.


Some popular movies are Psycho, A space Odyssey, and The Apartment.


Houses in the 1960s were bigger than some people have today

Most houses in the 1960s were called Retrowow.


In the 1960s the touch tone phone was invented versus the dial phones.


In the 1960s the two major historical events were the first man to step on the moon which was in July 16, 1969. The other major event was John F Kennedy's assassination. John F Kennedy died on November 22, 1963

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