Annual Report 2018 Rev. Joseph L. Levesque, C.M. Institute for Civic Engagement

From the Executive Director

In 2017, the Levesque Institute for Civic Engagement re-structured, consolidating and integrating programs allowing for a “cradle to career” emphasis. At the core of our work is the elimination of poverty guided by the values of the Vincentian Mission and the work of St. Vincent DePaul. With a strong commitment from Niagara University’s President, Rev. James J. Maher, C.M., the revitalization of Niagara Falls and the Western New York region are a priority of his administration.

Our Vision

Consistent with NU’s Catholic and Vincentian mission, Fr. Maher views Niagara University as the rising tide that lifts all boats, with a deep-rooted interest in improving the lives of our neighbors.
Our structure informs everything we do

Early Childhood

The Levesque Institute is committed to the need of investing in young children in order to maximize their future and overall well-being. Through Early Childhood initiatives such as: Niagara County Early Child Care Quality Improvement Project, Help Me Grow, and Books, Balls & Blocks,

Community Outreach

As 72% of adults in Niagara Falls read at a fourth grade functional level, literacy is a large focus of our work. Targeting literacy through outreach projects will better prepare city residents for college and/or careers, and well as further develop the workforce.

Health & Wellness

Several neighborhoods of Niagara Falls are considered food deserts, meaning that residents in the city have poor accessibility to affordable, nutritious and fresh food.


in partnership with a number of city and community organizations -- called "SEHI" -- we are committed to decrease the number of vacant homes in Niagara Falls and increase home ownership to build the tax base and support current and new development throughout the city.


IMPACT/ReNU places an emphasis on both the professional and personal growth of the student, encouraging a life-long commitment to service. This aligns with the Vincentian Mission and Strategic Plan of Niagara University, emphasizing the importance of service to the community as well as development professionally and personally.

Cultivating Leadership

leadership nu puts the focus on students and is part of the leadership minor of the Department of Management in the College of Business. Capacity college brings expertise to the community, with the purpose of empowering those who attend to take their newfound knowledge and apply it to the work that they do.

What's ahead for the coming year?