Tour of the Natural History Museum by: phillip jones

The beauty of the butterfly garden was by far the most appealing exhibit at the museum. The vividly colored butterflies and plants were a great sight to see at such close distance. This experience reminded me to enjoy nature and the aesthetics of it.

This exhibit remind me of the everlasting effects of extinction were. By seeing the fossils of animals from a bygone era, I considered the ethics of how we are treating the environment today. If we are not careful in how we use Earth's resources we could create an everlasting disaster. As Leopald talks about, the economic value of nature is not enough to make us conserve it we must look at its beauty and deeper purpose in order to preserve nature. I would argue that exhibits like this are a great stepping stone to wider use of conservation methods.

The fossilized remains of the Mastadon and its exhibit created a surreal feeling about the challenges of life. When considering animals and they predator/prey lifestyles, we forget to look at how humans act in our everyday lives. The same tactics and ideas are used in society and culture today to give ones' self an advantage. While these two aspects are not perfectly parallel they do depict the human spirit's roots as "animals" and our drive to compete

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