NBA Championchips BY: CONNOR T.

Hi, my name is Stephan Curry and I play Point guard for the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco, CA. My team and I have just won the NBA Championship. It was a long hard fought season, playing over 80 games. It’s the year 2016 and I am 28 years old. If you want to know how I got here, then you're just going to have to keep on reading to get the full inside story. Now that you know this, let's go back to the beginning.

I’m in the NBA and I am a starter for the Golden State Warriors. It wasn’t my first choice of teams, but the fans are great and I get to play in my hometown. Here’s the lineup we use: I play point guard. Klay Thompson plays shooting guard, Kevin Durant plays small forward, Draymond Green plays power forward, and Zaza Pachulia plays center. Our coach is Steve Kerr. Our goal from the beginning of the season was to get to the NBA Championship and win the whole thing. We knew it was going to be hard because there are a lot of good players out there. It is going to be hard to beat them down the court. Keep reading… will hear all about the exciting game that got us to the NBA Championship from the voice of Marv Alberts.

“Come on guys it is the last game till the playoffs now let's go out and kick some butts coach said”. “This is it…. we need to win this game…. we can win this and go to the playoffs! All we have to do is believe! Now, hands in team on three! ONE, TWO, THREE TEAM!!!!!.”

“Hey folks, thanks for stopping in where the Golden State Warriors are playing the Cleveland Cavaliers. Starting off for the Warriors is Steph Curry at the point, Klay Thompson at shooting guard, Kevin Durant at small forward, Draymond Green at power forward and Zaza Pachulia at center. The starting line-up for the Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving at point, Lebron James at Small forward, J.R. Smith at the shooting guard, Kevin Love at power forward, and Tristan Thompson at center. Thanks for stopping in. We will be back after this commercial break. And, we're back! Thanks for staying with us. Now sit back, as tip off is coming up in about 1 minute. Here it is folks, they’re getting ready right now. Here we are, the tip is up and it goes to the Cavaliers. Kyrie brings up the ball and passes it to Lebron who takes a shot. It’s good for 2 points. Stephan has the ball, bringing it up the other way. He swings it to Klay who pump fakes, dribbles into the lane, passes it back to Dreamon…. He shoots and scores the three pointer. Now let’s go over to Clark to hear what he has to say.”

“Thanks Marv. Now this is a strong offense for the Golden State Warriors and a strong offensive line up for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Clark the defensive side are great too, but these teams are the best in the league standing right now so it should be a battle to the end. Back to you marv.”

“ Hey guys, it’s now the end of the first quarter with the Warriors in the lead by 10. The score is 20 to 10 Warriors. Here we go…. the game is off again and Stephan bring the ball up. Kirie challenges, but Stephan breaks his ankles. Stephan moves, crosses over, takes the three and scores. 23 to 10. Kirie gets the ball, passes it to Tristan who then passes to Lebron. Kyrie is wide in the post. Lebron passes to Kirie who shoots two points 23 to 12. Lebron comes in and steals the ball when it is passed in. He shoots and scores for another two points. Stephan gets the ball and passes to Klay who then passes to Dreamon. Dreamon shoots, but misses. Lebron grabs it, gets it back to Kyrie who passes it back to Lebron. Lebron shoots for three and drains it from Down Town!!!! 23 to 17! The gap is becoming closer and there is 3 minutes left on the clock till halftime. Kirie intercepts a pass and shoots the three and makes it 23 to 20. Stephan gets the ball, runs up the court and has an open three. The score is now 26 to 20. Lebron get the ball stolen and Steph passes it to Klay. Klay shoots the three to score and makes the game 29 to 20 and now there’s 30 seconds left on the clock and the ball is in Lebron's hands. He shoots but misses! Stephen has the ball, 10 seconds left. He throws it over to Klay who then has 5 seconds on the clock. Klay passes to Stephan. There are 2 seconds on the clock. He dribbles, jumps back and fades away for the three. The buzzer goes off as the ball goes in. What a buzzer beater that was! The score at halftime is golden state 55 Cleveland cavaliers 35.”

“Thanks for stopping by for the ESPN halftime show we’ll take a look to see what happening in the Bucks and Bulls game. The Bucks are in the lead currently by 30 points, so it's hard to believe Chicago will come back. That's it for the halftime show. Let's get back to the game.”

“Here we are. Lebron gets the ball from Kirie. Curry gets the steal and goes back and drains a 3. Klay gets the ball and shoots a three and drains it as well. The score is now 61 to 35 Golden State Warriors. Let’s go down to Clark.”

“Thanks John, Now that the Warriors are well on their way to a win with this impressive lead, they have a pretty good shot at winning this tournament coming up. They are now in the playoffs to get to the NBA Championships. The Warriors will earn the top spot in the playoffs if they win this game. Even if they lose, they’re already in the playoffs. The only thing is that if they lose this game they can’t become the one seed in their bracket.

“Ok now that you know the playoff picture, we’ll move on with the game. There’s three minutes left in the 3rd quarter and still 12 to come in the 4th. The score is now 90 to 80 down by 10 again. Unbelievable, the Warriors gave up a huge lead. Looks like this is still going to be a close game. Here comes Curry now. He swings the ball over to Klay Thompson whose wide open for the dunk. Kirie comes up the court but gets the ball stolen! Curry to Zaza and now Zaza with the dunk and it’s in! There’s only two seconds left in the quarter and they hold it.

With only 2 min left, we have to keep the lead and the score is 118 to 100. The Warriors break the press and get down the court. A foul puts them in the bonus. Stephan gets to the line and shoots the two free throws. He gets back ready for defense and now there's 30 seconds with a 20 point lead. Lebron comes up takes the two and drains it. Lebron steals the ball and gets the dunk too. Then Stephan gets down the court for the long pass to run the clock out. With a second left, Stephan puts up the shot from half court and drains it!!! What a dream season…

Both teams move on to playoffs. The Golden State Warriors as the 1 seed and Cavaliers the number 2 spot. A re-match is in their future!!

The teams we had to play in the playoff

“Here we were, we won the first games against Milwaukee Bucks, the Bulls, Houston Rockets, and also the Los Angeles Lakers. We made it into the Championships and here’s how we won,”

“ So I had the ball with 10 seconds left down by 5 points. I sprinted up the court and popped a three. The crowd went wild! We called timeout before the ball could come in bounds. We come back out in a press and I stole the ball from Kyrie Irving and quickly pass it to Klay whose wide open for the game winning shot on the other side of the court. He shoots and it's in the air when the buzzer sounds, after it stopped it was completely silent, until the ball made the “Swish” noise then the crowd went wild!!!!!. The fans stormed the court and we all celebrated our big win. We had some team time together, in our hotel we stayed at. We then thanked everyone that brought us through and who inspired us to get this far in life. We then came home with the big trophy and put it in the trophy case and that's how we got to bring the Larry O'brien Trophy and bring home the pride we took with us.”

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