Cigarettes increase tax on cigarettes

-Burden: something oppressive or worrisome, people will often get stress.

-Noncommunicable: it is a medical condition without affect anyone around and non-transmissible.

-Illicit: something that is illegal law, people don't have the right to do it.

-Mandate: it is a mission, to allows people mande implement their idea for the right thing.

-Plummeting: something have been decreased strongly.

-Stubborn: hard to change their idea or listen to somebody, even their idea is not better than someone.

What is purpose of extra taxes on cigarettes?

People already know how harmful junk food, soda, and cigarette are to their health. Yet there are people don’t consider the effects of harm of cigarettes to the economy. According to Tom Miles, the writer of The Huffington Post, American online news aggregator says, “The number of tobacco-related deaths is projected to increase from about 6 million deaths annually to about 8 million annually by 2030.” By the number of death people increasing, it showed the harmful and effect of cigarettes, if more people join to use smoking, more people will die. Moreover, using cigarettes does not just affect people who is smoke, it is also affects the people around the smoker. Indiana Representative Cindy Ziemke said, “In Indiana, 47 percent of our Medicaid money is spent on smoking-related illnesses. We have to find a deterrent because everyone knows how bad it is.” It is unfortunate that almost half of the Medicaid money is spent on smoking illnesses. It will be good if the government use the extra taxes on cigarettes to find a deterrent people and tell the smoker how harm of cigarettes.

Will the tax increase on cigarettes help pay for healthcare services?

Whereas a lot of smoker crying about the increasing tax on cigarettes, and get worry that they don't have money to buy cigarettes if the cigarettes tax keep increasing but they forget that their health will be improve and become better. According to Karl Nichols, the executive director for Community Wellness Partners, part of the Raise it for Health coalition said, “If you have an unproductive state, an unhealthy state, it costs the state money. This is a way that would generate revenue, and generate healthier citizens, which create a healthier state!" Additionally, increasing cigarettes tax means there should be more people who quit. If more people stop smoking there will be less people who will have problems with tobacco, and they are not burden for healthcare, so healthcare will be able to use that money to spend on other problems instead of for tobacco products. Moreover, increasing tax on cigarettes so will enable the government money to spent on like medicaid, homeless,...“The cigarette tax bill would send over half of an estimated $406.8 million to the general fund in fiscal year 2018, while directing roughly 27 percent to Medicaid and other small amounts to mental health and pension relief, among other things!” says Darcy Costello, a writer for the NWI Times. When people hear of increase tax on something, people will be stress out but increase tax on cigarettes seem work really well. The percent of cigarette tax bill will send some to medicaid and other activities to help and keep people safe.

What could happen after cigarette taxes increase?

There have been hike taxes on cigarette for almost every states which different rates, but the main goal to see increase tax on cigarettes can help the amount of smoker decrease or not. According to Heather Brown, CBS Minnesota, Minnesota Department of Revenue say, “Their models show stores will sell 28 percent fewer cigarettes because fewer people will start smoking.” Because of a higher tax, it mean people start to smoking is plummeting and more people will quit smoke . Moreover, hike taxes on cigarette can also affect in positive way and work well with other problems. According to Sophia Tareen, the writer of SJR, The States Journal Register say, “Raising the price of cigarettes give smokers incentive to quit and deters young people from starting. Since there'll be fewer smokers, the costs of treating smoking-related diseases should also go down.” Raising taxes on cigarettes seen working good, it can help people easy to stop smoking and deters people who is trying to smoking. It also help the cost of treating smoking-related diseases go down so healthcare won't need to pay any extra money on smoking.

What should the cigarette tax money be use for in the future?

People must be question and confuse about what should the government do with that money after increase tax on cigarettes. It is necessary to know that the cigarette tax money will help the government pay for school to help kids learn more about the effect of cigarettes, it also help to build the healthcare program better in future. According to Sandy Foster, Program Manager for the Healthy Living Program at Comanche County Memorial Hospital says “Spend more programs in schools, we're also looking about 28,000 kids today who won’t become addicted to tobacco or cigarettes.” The mandate of government will use the cigarettes tax money to spend on more programs in school to keep the student stay away from cigarette. It is important for student to understand how harmful of cigarettes and it is helpful to teach student a lesson for them to stay away from cigarette. Moreover, the government also use that money to spend on other problems which can help the country run better. According to Joey Connor, the writer of Bloomberg BNA says, “This revenue will be distributed to provide funds for various specified state health programs.” The cigarettes tax money also can help to pay for other health care problems, it also can help to improve the healing so that the health care will be better in future.

What are opposite side of increased tax on cigarette?

There have been increased tax on cigarettes and it seems to work really well, there are a lot of smokers quitting and the amount of people trying cigarettes have been decreased. However, there are still people want to smoking and can do whatever to get the money for cigarettes. According to Elizabeth Lane, a Harlem resident who paid $12 a pack, “I have to beg, borrow and steal to get money to buy cigarettes.” If people can not stop smoking after increase tax on cigarette, it mean they need to buy cigarettes with higher price. When the smoker runs out of money, people start to steal or do illegal thing to get money for cigarette. It will has gone really wrong, worst and against the main goal of increase tax on cigarette. According to Johnny Kampis, the writer of say, “Massachusetts saw a big jump in cigarette smuggling, from 12 percent to 29.3 percent.” By the way increase tax on cigarette, it is a good time for smuggling. The percent of smuggling have been increasing, it mean people is not just stop smoking after the tax increase. It showed that the smoker was buy the cigarettes from the smuggler because it must be cheaper. The truth is more smuggling activities after increase tax on cigarette which can caught more illicit activities could happen.

Increase tax on cigarettes can help to reduce smoker, more people will quite smoke, and tax cigarettes money will use for school programs and healthcare.


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