Blossomkit's Death By logan

“Congrats, Sagefur! You have three healthy kits” said Bluewhisker. “W-what? There are four kits! Not three!” cried Sagefur, exhausted. “What’s wrong with you, you blind cat!” Pineneedle growled. “There’s four kits, like Sagefur said.” “I said three healthy kits! When a cat is sick, I take care of them! That’s my job as a medicine cat, idiot! And one of your kits is not all right!” “Ignore him, Sagefur. We should name the kits.” “Okay. This one should be Berrykit.” Sagefur gestured with her chestnut tail to a cream-colored tom-kit.“This one should be Redkit, because-” “Because he’s red?” offered Bluewhisker. “Shut your jaws” hissed Pineneedle, his bright orange eyes glaring like fire.“This shall be Lizardkit,” Pineneedle said. “And this one is Blossomkit” finished Sagefur. “Our kits are beautiful,” said Pineneedle. Bluewhisker walked out of the nursery and announces to the Clan that Sagefur has had her kits. Hickorywind, Pineneedle’s sister, rushed in to see the kits. “Oh my gosh, they’re beautiful!” She squealed. She bent over to see them and licks the top of Lizardkit’s head. She looks over at Blossomkit and sees something is horribly wrong. She runs out and heads towards Bluewhisker’s den. Bluewhisker was sorting leaves and seeds for his supply. “Bluewhisker, something is horribly wrong with one of the kits!”Bluewhisker said, “I told them.” He runs back to the weaved walls of the nursery. When he gets there Sagefur is crying. He ran in and the dusty air was filled with screams and half the Clan.

Redkit, Lizardkit, Blossomkit, and Berrykit

“She doesn’t have any back legs!” Gasps filled the air. Bluewhisker races back to his den again to get poppy seeds and sap to calm Sagefur down. He gives her the medicine and hopes she’ll fall asleep soon. “Everyone needs to leave. Please. Everyone out.” Bluewhisker picked up Blossomkit and moved her to the dusty floor over to him. He looked at her undeveloped legs and he said, “She’ll live. But she’ll never become a warrior.” “Why, StarClan! Why!” wailed Sagefur. Pineneedle was furious. He stomped over to Bluewhisker, and unsheathed his claws and raked them over Bluewhisker’s muzzle. Bluewhisker tried to duck but was too slow and a heartbeat later his muzzle was bleeding. A few cats gasped before Hickorywind walked them out of the den. “Over here, uh, she needs food. Watch her closely, um, Sagefur,” Bluewhisker warned. “No, no. She needs to go to Bluewhisker’s den for a second,” said Pineneedle.Pineneedle pressed. “What are you doing? This isn’t my kit? Where’d it come from?” This is your kit and it was born without back legs, mousebrain.” Bluewhisker hissed. “My ancestors raised their kits to be the finest warriors. This scrap of nothingness is not and will not become one of them. Just kill her now.” “How could you say that! What will her littermates think of you, Pineneedle? What will mother and father and Nightpool think?” Hickorywind whispered desperately. “No one will know because she’ll be dead.” Pineneedle whispered back.“Who will be dead?” asked Sagefur, sitting up, drowsy from the medicine Bluewhisker had given her.

“No one, my flower. Not yet anyway. We think that Hollyfeather’s greencough is becoming worse. Right Bluewhisker?” “No, it’s actually becoming better,” he mumbled. “But mother’s not that old. She’s strong!” Sagefur panicked. “BETTER. She’s becoming BETTER.” Bluewhisker hissed impatiently. Sagefur stood up, her kits moving from their spots in the nest, trying to find their mother. “What’s going on?” Sagefur demanded. “Where’s Blossomkit?” Hickorywind leaned over and picked Blossomkit up from between the two bickering cats. “Shut up! Both of you!” she meowed, her voice muffled with fur. She walked over and put Blossomkit by her littermates. “Sagefur, lie down. Your kits need you. I’m going to tell Ivystar about the toms. You rest. You’ve had a long day and you don’t need any more stress.” She turned around. “You two. Out,” Hickorywind ordered. “Bye, Sagefur. Call me if you need anything,” Bluewhisker said with bent gray ears, already out in the clearing. “Hickorywind, you can’t make me leave my mate,” growled Pineneedle. “Pineneedle, I can hear your stomach growling like a badger. Go get some fresh-kill. A hunting patrol just got back.” He walked out of the nursery with a flick of his tail, the color of dead pine needles.


“I’m going to tell Ivystar now. Rest up.” And Hickorywind was padding out of the den too. As she went to Ivystar’s den, she saw Pineneedle sharing a blackbird with their sister, Nightpool. “They’re all beautiful. Except for Blossomkit. She doesn't have hind legs.” He said the last part dully. “Oh, the poor thing!” Nightpool said, her black fur almost having a purple sheen in the newleaf light. “After this bird, I’m going in to see her.” Hickorywind was glad there was some cat besides herself who at least loved Blossomkit. She turned and headed into the leader’s den, where she was having a mouse with her mate and Hickorywind’s father, Stemtail. “Mother, sorry to interrupt. I have horrible news. Pineneedle’s going to kill Blossomkit.” “What!” her mother roared. “My dear son’s daughter? The one without back legs? Blossomkit doesn’t need to be a warrior like Pineneedle says, she can become a great medicine cat like Bluewhisker!” “But that’s not what Pineneedle wants, mother! He needs her to become a warrior like all his other kits will.” “Even the other kits aren't guaranteed to become warriors! One might choose the path of a medicine cat. Bluewhisker needs someone to keep him busy anyway. He just goes into the forest and picks herbs. That’s all he does.” “Mother?” Hickorywind asked. “Yes dear?” “Will Hollyfeather be alright? Sagefur’s upset that Pineneedle told her Hollyfeather isn’t well.” She stared into her mother’s lime green eyes as she recalled the look of panic that had struck Sagefur’s face when Pineneedle told her Hollyfeather was going to die. “Her mother’s fine. Has Pineneedle been spreading lies?” “I guess, Ivystar.” “We should punish him, dear,” said Stemtail. Hickorywind almost forgot he was there, his brown fur the same color as Pineneedle’s and blending into the nest of bracken and moss they were lying on. Ivytail got up, shook her grey tabby pelt, and got the leaves all over Stemtail. He sighed. “Are we going to talk to Pineneedle, Stemtail?” Hickorywind asked quietly as they followed Ivystar to where he and Nightpool were sitting and finishing the blackbird.


“Nightpool,” said a cool voice. It was Wetfoot, Sagefur’s brother. His dark grey pelt and ice blue eyes made him obviously the cutest tom in the Clan, and popular at gatherings. Hickorywind was jealous that he chose Nightpool over her when she made it obvious that she wanted to be his mate. But he apparently likes quiet, shy, and smart she-cats. Nightpool was smart all right. She doesn’t have many friends though, so she is with Wetfoot most of the time. He walked up to Nightpool and licked her ear. “We should go,” he said quietly. “Yes, of course,” she whispered back, and stood up. “Ivystar,” they both said as they dipped their heads in respect to their smart, brave leader. They padded out of the ring of cats and headed toward the fallen tree in the clearing. They lay down, and Wetfoot started licking Nightpool’s ears, their pelts merging into the sunset’s shadows that fell cooly around camp. “Pineneedle. You are spreading lies once again. You should and will be punished,” announced Ivystar. She turned her head to the pile of rocks where Sagefur and Wetfoot’s mother, Hollyfeather, was starting to eat a robin on one of the top boulders. “Bluewhisker said that she’ll be fine. She’s hardly coughing anymore. Newleaf is finally finished and I think that greencough is starting to diminish.” Ivystar said, glaring at Pineneedle. “You shall be guarding the camp entrance for the next three moons. Therefore, you will be sleeping outside for that time. You're lucky it’s newleaf, you foxheart, or you’d be freezing your tail off every day.”


**Three Moons Later**

“Berrykit! I’m gonna get you!” Shouted Redkit. The little red tom-kit was chasing his brother who had the moss-ball. “We all know she-kits are better than tom-kits,” Lizardkit said mockingly. She ran in front of Berrykit, and he crashed into her, and dropped the moss ball. “I’m the champion at moss-ball!” The light tabby she-kit said proudly. Her green eyes were shining at her mother, father, and sister who were watching outside of the nursery wall as the kits played in the clearing. Lizardkit was knocked over as Berrykit and Redkit lunged at their sister. The moss-ball rolled over to where Sagefur, Pineneedle, and Blossomkit were watching them. “Can I play now, mommy?” Blossomkit asked hopefully. “You can’t play, Blossomkit. They’re too rough,” said Pineneedle. “Well, we learned a way,” Sagefur told her mate. She leaned over and grabbed Blossomkit’s tail with her teeth gently. Blossomkit stood up on her front paws and started to run, almost dragging Sagefur behind her. She bent down and picked the moss-ball up and threw it to Redkit. “Hey!” Lizardkit and Berrykit yelled at the same time. They started to chase Redkit, who wasn’t slowing down. “Woah, kits everywhere!” Bluewhisker said, surprised, as he padded through the clearing. He was carrying a pile of sticks and vines and sat down next to Pineneedle. “I need to show you how to put this together so you know how in case it comes loose,” said Bluewhisker. “What is it?” Sagefur asked as she left Blossomkit tumbling around with her littermates on their short little legs. “This is a thing to help Blossomkit walk. You use the vines and wrap it around her back. And since she has a little less that half her legs, the sticks act as the rest of them. If she wears it, she’ll be able to run and walk and swim with her littermates and friends. This is what i’ve been so busy working on lately. It’s also been approved by Ivystar. If it doesn’t fit, i’ll just go and get a bigger vine for the back. Do you like it?” “Yay!” Blossomkit squealed as she half slid, half clawed her way over to her parents and Bluewhisker. “I can walk now!” “Shush, little one. Don’t you want to surprize your littermates?” Sagefur asked. “Oh, yeah! Can I get it on?” “Of course, little kit. Let me show you how to put in on her. She won’t be able to put it on herself,” he said to Pineneedle and Sagefur. Bluewhisker had Sagefur hold Blossomkit’s tail like they did when she was running. Pineneedle stood up and stalked over to his daughter, mate, and the young medicine cat. He put the branch for her left foot on and tied it with a vine to her leg stub. He then tossed the vine for her back across her back and Pineneedle pulled it tight, and then looped it around her forearms. Bluewhisker had then tied the last vine to her right leg stub. “Alright. Set her down,” Bluewhisker said. Sagefur gingerly set Blossomkit down on the clearing’s ground. She took her first staggering steps and was running and skipping wildly a minute later. “I can walk! I can run!” she shouted. “Pfff. Any cat could do that,” Pineneedle commented. “You can go play with your littermates now, dear,” Sagefur said. “Roar!” Blossomkit yelled as she pounced on her littermates. “Hey, get off!” Redkit whined. “Let’s play moss-ball. I’m on Berrykit’s team!” Lizardkit shouted. “I’m on Blossomkit’s team!” said Redkit. Berrykit held the moss ball in his jaws and threw it in the air. Blossomkit caught it and tossed it to Redkit. He then ran to Lizardkit and tossed it right over her head. When she turned around, Blossomkit had caught it and was running towards the Hickorywind, who was the goal for her and Redkit’s team. She looked up from her sunny spot on the ground as the moss ball hit her pelt. “What? Are you guys playing moss-ball without me?” Hickorywind asked. “I’ll be on Blossomkit’s team. Who’s her teammate?” “I am,” Redkit announced. “Hey, Wetfoot!” Hickorywind yelled. He was biting into a mouse. “Yes?” he asked. “Get your pelt over here and play moss-ball on Lizardkit and Berrykit’s team!” she said. “Oh, you’re on!” he said happily. They played moss-ball until everyone was tired out. By the end of the game, Berrykit and Lizardkit had Wetfoot, Nightpool, Pineneedle, and Stemtail on their team. Blossomkit and Redkit had Hickorywind, Sagefur, Hollyfeather, and even Ivystar on their team. “How did their team win?” Pineneedle asked angrily. “It’s just a game. Cool off,” said Hollyfeather. “Shut up, idiot,” Pineneedle retorted. “Pineneedle! Respect the older warriors!” said Ivystar.


“Ivystar, Ivystar!” all the kits yelled at her and started shooting questions at her. “What was your warrior name?” “Why do you sleep with Stemtail?” “How old are you?” “How did you get to be so good at moss-ball?” “Hush little ones. I’ll tell you all those things if you sit and listen.” They all sat down immediately. Then the rest of the Clan came over as well. “Ok. I’m forty-eight moons old, or four years. I sleep with Stemtail because he is my mate, and I got good at moss-ball from practicing all throughout my kithood, apprenticeship, having my warrior and deputy name, and now my leader name. And my warrior name was Ivyhawk, by the way.” The rest of the warm day was filled with moss-ball, eating, and questions. “Allright kits. Time for bed,” Sagefur told them. “Wait. I have an announcement,” said Ivystar. She climbed up to the highledge and said “All cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath the highledge for a some Clan announcements.” She paused. “First off, one of my daughters, Nightpool, has wonderful news. She is expecting Wetfoot’s kits.” Cheers erupted throughout the Clan. Nightpool buried her face in Wetfoot’s fur with embarrassment.


“Anyway, we have some more news, so quiet down everyone. Stemtail and Snakeheart’s sisters are ready to become warriors. Stormpaw, Sparrowpaw, and Riverpaw, please step forward. I, Ivystar, leader of LakeClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn. Stormpaw, Sparrowpaw, and Riverpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?” “I do,” they breathed. “Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names.Stormpaw, from this moment you will be known as Stormsky. StarClan honors your endurance and bravery. Sparrowpaw, from this moment you will be known as Sparrowdive. StarClan honors your cleverness and spirit. And finally, Riverpaw, from this moment you will be known as Riverfall. StarClan honors your energy and dedication, and we welcome you all as a full warriors of LakeClan!¨ “Stormsky! Sparrowdive! Riverfall!” the Clan chanted. Pretty soon the camp was filled with quiet whispering and the owls hooting in the trees above. Sagefur had allowed her kits to stay up as late as all the other warriors tonight. They weren't tired at all it seemed. Pineneedle was stationed outside the camp entrance, as his punishment continued to make him more grouchy and easily made him mad. He sat there glowering at the happy Clan on a warm newleaf night. He’d missed seeing the she-cats’ warrior ceremony, although he could hear the cheers of his clanmates. He turned towards the direction of the tunnel as the three new warriors prepared for their silent vigil. Stormsky sat down next to Pineneedle, as Sparrowdive and Riverfall sat on the other side of them. He looked at the she-cats and said… “Hey. What are you three doing out here when you could be… Oh. Nevermind,” Pineneedle told the she-cats. They were giving him weird looks and Stormsky shuffled away from him without meeting his eyes. He was about to comment when a scream broke out in the camp.

Riverfall, Sparrowdive, and Stormsky

“StarClan, Why!” Sagefur wailed. Pineneedle remembered those exact words when Sagefur had heard that Blossomkit wouldn’t become a warrior. He’d thought since she had been given the stick legs for Blossomkit everyone would have shut their muzzles. He raced into camp and found screaming and gasping in shock. “Pineneedle! Our baby! Sagefur said…” She broke down crying. “Blossomkit is dead,” Bluewhisker stated. “How could anyone have let this happen?” Pineneedle growled. “It’s no one’s fault, you foxheart! She fell off the highledge into the nettles and died of impalement and stings.” Bluewhisker looked at him then dipped his grey/blue head. “We’ll bury her at dawn. Pineneedle turned tail and ran out of the camp into the forest and stopped by the river. He peered into the rushing waves and saw Blossomkit materialize in the water. “Blossomkit! How could you have been so foolish of yourself?” “I love you daddy,” said Blossomkit. “Answer me! I’m your father!” “I miss you daddy. And I will everyday til’ you and mommy die, too. I love you.” Her spirit started to fade. “Blossomkit! I’m sorry my fern!” “I forgive you, daddy. Goodbye…” Pineneedle was upset with himself. From that moment on he promised to change his ways. He will not criticize the injured and weak. “Especially my kits,” he whispered, tail drooping, as he padded back to the camp.

Blossomkit Getting Prepared to be Buried

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