Finding a Solution By: Alex ayala

Hello, I’m George Lober from the Apache Tribe, and one of the most problems we encounter is being kicked out of land that the “Government” has given us, we make that land our home but once they find something valuable they kick us out and we cannot fight back or we die or go to jail and be separated apart for what the government can make money off of, than they send us off to another place that is dry and not good for living conditions, that aren’t good for us to live in but they don’t care about us. They mainly use us, we find value and they take it without even thinking twice about what they're doing, killing many but they don’t care as long as they get what they want.
We are tired of moving from place to place, just because the Government has found something valuable on the land they gave us then then the settlers move in and then we have to move out find new land than the cycle starts over, they find what they want we’re kicked out, but if the settlers come and they find something they like they tell the Government and they kick us out, not even thinking of us, what we’ve made our home, but they don’t care as long as they make money their all in for it. All the settlers moving west to find what they can make a living with, and taking what was our and making it all theirs.
The Government promised to give us the best things they would give us good land but did they treated us bad they moved us so much that if we fought back they would either kill us or put us in jail they treated us like crap they didn’t care for us or they wouldn’t move us so much, even if they found gold on the land they gave us they didn’t have to move us we could still have stayed they and try not to be in their way but, no, they broke so many promises treating us like trash and not keeping us safe.
We the Apaches and the non-natives have a big fear of violence, because they think that they have every right to take land that is not theirs and make it their home when it’s not it’s been our home for years and they treat us like we are nothing when we fought hard for what we have they can decide when to take it and if we don’t give them the land they go to who they know will kick us out and make our land that has been our home for years there, the Government, they can take it and they don’t fear of what is going to happen, if we don’t leave they send troops to kick us out and we’re not that strong we don’t have the weapons they have a better advantage of winning than us. So we can’t do nothing but listen the non-natives and leave to find better land.

We (Apaches) are tired of having to leave the land that we’ve had for a long time, but once the Government or the White people see what they like they take it away. One thing they can do is take what they want but they don’t have to make us leave because they see something they like, so instead they can take what they want but we don’t have to leave, we grew up here, and they don’t have to get the government involved, because they then send troops to kick us out. So, just keep us where we are at and we don’t have to fight, and make this a big deal, take what you want than leave.

The Government could have been nicer than to have to kick us out and give us bad land. They could have gotten the gold they wanted mined all they wanted but they didn’t have break their Promise. They promised to give us the best land they could have they promised to be good to us they didn’t. They could have kept their promise and taken what they wanted without having to kick us out of the land that we grew up on, we could have stayed on the land while they took the gold they wanted without having to bother moving us.

We (Apaches) have fear for violence due to that we’re not strong the White’s and the Government have more power than us they have better weapons than us, we have not chance in winning, due to all the Whites and Government getting what they want whatever can make then money they would take it and they wouldn’t care what would happen to us as long as they got what they wanted when they wanted it. They could have gotten what they wanted without having to kick us out at let some of our people die over the long moving to our new land. So, they could have kept us there on our land and nothing would have to go wrong, they get what they want and we can move on and we cannot be scared of each other and live a nature better life without chaos.

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