What is St. Patrick's Day? Why is it celebrated?

When people think of St Patrick's Day, it is a commonality that they think of green, partying, and the Irish. Why is this?

St. Patrick's Day is a globally celebrated Irish Holiday. Mar. 17 marks the death of the Irish Patron Saint, St. Patrick.

St. Patrick began his life in Britain, where he was captured by the Irish as a slave. He eventually escaped from Ireland back to his home in Britain. After investing in the church and studying to become a priest, he returned to Ireland to live out his life as a missionary.

In Ireland, it became a legend that St. Patrick chased all of the snakes out of the country.

No historical evidence has proven to show that there were literal snakes in the first place, but it could have been a symbol for negativity.

Due to the extreme Irish famine in the late 19th century, immigration became a key factor into making the holiday world-wide.

In America, it begun as the Irish soldiers of the First Colonial Army marched through New York. Over time, citizens caught on and Americanized the Irish holiday.

Today, St. Patrick's Day is a wide celebration of Irish culture.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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