Top 10 Portfolio Project Joanne Diaz

The Creative Jouney Map

Creative Learning Tool - Imaging

This map was a physical tangible quick representation of our creative career so far. Mine started as a child becoming familiar with shapes, which would then allow me to be able to draw things based on shapes that make them up. This led to painting and art that would be put up on the fridge. Much later I got an official art set up with the medium of my choice high quality colored pencils and a drafting table. After that I began selling my art at charity events. Finally it reached present time when I was drawing this in class.


Creative Learning Tool - Abstracting

I thought this project was particularly interesting because I've tried several types of art, but I've never tried or even thought to abstract my art. I've always focused on adding more and more detail trying to make them as realistic as I could. But bringing my drawing to it's simplest form I felt like I was doing the complete opposite of what I was trying to achieve. But I thought it was a fun challenge to be able to draw a recognizable horse with less and less lines.

Recognizing & Forming Patterns Photography

Creative Learning Tool - Recognizing & Forming Patterns

Many of the objects we have today is based on things found in nature. Objects found in nature and objects that are synthetic aren't as different as we might think. In fact similar patterns can be found in both if you just take a little time to notice. On the left is the arm rest part of the chair found in the class room and the left is a rock found right outside the building. This assignment took me no time to complete but this is pattern I've passed several times but have never noticed until this project.


Creative Learning Tool - Recognizing & Forming Patterns

I thought this was a cool project to do in class, with one cut out shape we filled an entire page with patterns with a shape redrawn over and over and somehow just fit perfectly. At first we were just asked to cut and tape a sticky note to make a shape, wasn't sure where this was going but by the end I was pretty happy with the pattern that resulted.

Straw Tower

Creative Learning Tool - Synthesizing

We had to take paper clips, tape, and of course straws to try and make the tallest structure possible. However two people had a 'disability' someone in my group couldn't talk and I couldn't use my hands. They could build with their hands but had good ideas they couldn't share, I had ideas I could share but couldn't bring them to life myself. Needless to say we managed as a team to make a relatively sturdy and tall structure but it was definitely harder to build with just words.

Empathizing With a Chair

Creative Learning Tool - Empathizing

It was pretty cool seeing things from a chair's perceptive. Because it wasn't empathizing with another living human it was trying to empathize with a nonliving object. We had to pick an emotion and write something about what if the chair was feeling that emotion. This was mine:

Indifferent: A Chair's Monologue
I have legs but cannot walk. People always leave me feeling a little empty. My purpose is to provide people whom I am at the mercy of comfort and relaxation. Unlike humans who each have a unique set of DNA, I am a chair mass produced several of my kind made in the very same way. I feel like I am spinning but always in place. For I am just a chair.

First Day Name Card

Creative Learning Tool - Analogizng

We had to make name cards to help others remember our names. I took my name and the name of something completely unrelated to help others remember my name. There is a pretzel place in the mall in Ocala called "Auntie Anne's" I figured even though they are different there is an "Anne" in both names and that the rhyme would make a good mnemonic device.

3D Modeling

Creative Learning Tool - Modelling, Dimensional Thinking

We had to create prototypes of a children's toy. I've never done anything like this and thought it was a cool way to get into the creative and innovative process. Going all the way from forming the idea to creating the actual product. It was cool to see everyone's project come to life, and how some were practical enough to actually be a children's toy on the market.

Where I am from Poem

Creative Learning Tool - Synthesizing

We had to synthesize or take from several of our hobbies, interests, and backgrounds to make a poem that represents us.

I am from the compound bow aiming at the center of it's target. I am from the saddle that tightly hugs the horse. I am from the soft lead that seamlessly blends colors together on a sketch pad. I am from the shelf that holds blue ray movies and PS4 game collections. I am from the walls where posters of Marvel and D.C. characters are hung. I am from.

Speaker Series 1 - Liz Lerman

Creative Learning Tool - Observing, Empathizing

When I was first being led it was a strange sensation, but I was more willing to move freely. I felt like since sight was gone sound and touch became the new forms of being aware feeding my brain information that would’ve other wise been provided through sight. However after leading my partner I saw all the potential running into people the tight turns, made me more nervous for my second time around. Trust was ever present some were more willing and moved freely others were more hesitant. My partner and I didn’t know each other too well so we were both slightly hesitant and opened our eyes slightly a couple times. What I took away from this event was it forces people to not forget what we as people are well known for, complex speech but instead turn that into action. Minute details and specifications are lost but the messages generally gets across in gestures. This is turn poses an innovative opportunity taking two things like speech and action and making it into a new way of communication for many. Something that traverses over several different languages. Such a thing exists ‘sign language’ but this is innovative not because it is completely new but because, it helps people see things on a brand new perspective which could spark new ideas and thoughts leading to further innovation.


Created with images by qimono - "clock glasses pen" • DariuszSankowski - "old retro antique" • Pexels - "abstract art graffiti" • Alexas_Fotos - "feather bird feathers abstract" • Pexels - "abstract bark cut" • karen2754 - "straws" • Ly Thien Hoang (Lee) - "Bottle Of Straws" • Alexas_Fotos - "graffiti wall colorful" • MirelaSchenk - "elephant sitting plush" • ngg980 - "Sourdough soft pretzel" • possan - "keyboard prototype" • FirmBee - "ux prototyping design" • Mister.Tee - "horses" • erix! - "Weapons" • Anemone123 - "blindfolded blind hair" • linux_foundation - "20170215_The Linux Foundation_Open Source Leadership Summit_Lake Tahoe_California-024"

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