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Team 3D Prototype

This was my favorite project and I would guess that is a pretty popular opinion in this class. For this project I had a group of 5 people (including myself). The objective was to come up with an idea for a children's toy that promotes learning, and create a prototype. We chose to create a toy that promotes fire safety in a fun way. I thought this project taught a lot of useful skills that I could possibly use in the real world. I learned to work with other people to create an innovative idea, to meet deadlines, to sell an idea to be produced, and basic 3D printing skills.

John Bohannon Ted Talk: Dance Vs. PowerPoint

This was one of the most interesting videos we watched in class. In this Ted Talk John Bohannon used human dancers to present his speech instead of PowerPoint. At first I thought it was creepy and weird, but it definitely had all of my attention. By the end I realized how brilliant this was. While watching a PowerPoint presentation, it is very easy and common for the audience to stop paying attention and get bored. With the dancers, everybody was completely engaged to the presentation the whole time.

Favorite Childhood Learning Tool

This was the very first homework assignment we had in the class. We were asked to remember what our favorite childhood learning tool was and research the benefits of this tool. My favorite as a childhood were the alphabet magnets. This assignment caused me to think about this in a way that I never had before. I realized that this simple learning tool, in which I thought of as a toy, was my very first introduction to the English Alphabet. I specifically remember learning how to spell my first word ("bug") with these magnets. This assignment made me realize how much of an impact these learning tools can have on young children.

Where I'm From Poem

For this in-class assignment we were asked to write a poem about where we are from. I am from Jacksonville, Florida and I am extremely proud of that. Once I got the poem started it just kept flowing out very quickly. When I finished I was very surprised at how well it turned out. I actually took a picture of it and sent it to my parents. This assignment made me realize that I am very capable of writing a quality poem if it is something that I am passionate about. This would not be the only time that an assignment in this class made me realize I was capable of writing solid poems.

Name Tag

This in-class assignment was one of the early assignments we did. We were asked to write our first names in big letters and draw something that would help everyone remember them. I immediately thought of a jackhammer to draw. I was random, attention grabbing, and it had my first name itself in the word.

Creative Person's Resume

I really enjoyed doing this assignment. We were asked to write resumes for a creative person of our choice. The resume topics included things like life milestones, creative influences, successes, failures, and personality traits that show their creativeness. One of my heroes is Jason Isbell and he is known for his tremendously creative and complex songwriting. It was an easy choice to choose Jason Isbell for this assignment.

Simon Sinek Ted Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." This is the quote that Simon Sinek drilled into our heads as we watched this Ted Talk in class. This video was as good as advertised by Ms. Bucciarelli. Sinek talked about the "golden circle", which consists of "what", "how", and "why." "Why" is in the middle and the most important part of the circle. The biggest example that Sinek used was Apple Inc. Apple has been selling why instead of what for a long time and that is why people are so loyal to them. Apple is not just a company, but it is a part of life in this era. The public trusts Apple so much that many people do not even hesitate to buy any product that Apple produces. Sinek says this is because people believe what Apple says they believe. What is even more amazing is that this Ted Talk was 7 years ago and nothing has changed since then. Both my phone and my computer that I am typing on are Apple products and that is not going to change any time soon because I trust their products.

Creative Path Design

For this assignment we were asked to draw a picture that represented the oath of our creativeness throughout our lives. This was meant to make us think outside the box and it indeed did that. It took a lot of creativeness to put an imaginary path on paper.


This was another in-class assignment that was pretty cool. We took sticky notes and cut put our own made-up designs into 2 of the sides. We then took the pieces we cut out and taped them to the opposite sides. Finally, we traced our created shape and had our final piece that could make up a full tessellation. It was really interesting to see what our final shapes made us think of. For some reason mine made me think of a kite combined with a fish.

5 Minute Object Observation

A lot of people in the class may have forgotten this quick in-class assignment, but I actually really liked this one. All we had to do was pick a random object outside of the classroom, and write down our observations for 5 minutes. It was a simple way to get our minds thinking creatively. There aren't a bunch of obvious things to note about a turned off light pole, so it really forced me to push myself.

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