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Dalian Winter 2021

Dalian Winter 2021 - Experience to remember

Dalian is a small hill station city located in Liaoning province north-east of China, Winter in Dalian starts from November and lasts till March, during the peak winter temperature drops below 0 and there will be cold winds from the north that make the city freeze up! Dalian embraces all the four-season and make it very unique to live in this beautiful city. This year 2021 it snowed almost 6 to 8 inches which marks a historical event since 1984.

Japanese Cuisines | Tamil Vlog | Dalian Foods | Doraemon Restaurant | Seafoods

Experience the foods in Dalian, China

DoraAmon is a small elegant Japanese restaurant in Dalian around the Software park zone. This is the best place to grab a quick Japanese-style lunch or dinner, the food quality is also good and Micky who owns the restaurant is very friendly and welcoming. There are quite a lot of Japanese food varieties served as a set meal (Gohan), They serve steamed rice along with Miso soup in all the meals. Besides, they also have fried chicken, Grilled Mackerel, Roasted Salmon, and other traditional Japanese seafood. In addition, they also have Japanese Traditional Liquors like Sake, Asahi Beer, Rice Wine, etc.,

Fruits & Vegetable Shop in China | Dalian | Tamil | காய்கறி கடை | சீனா | 中国 | 大连 | 蔬菜店

Vegetable shopping vlog in China, Dalian. Dalian is a city located in the north-east of China, during winter temperature drops below -10°C. Hence not all vegetables available in Dalian are locally grown, there is a huge demand for some tropical crops from the southern part of China. In the local store, there are quite a lot of fruits and vegetable varieties available. Some of the vegetables and fruits are locally grown in Dalian, some are brought from south china like coconut, sugarcane, mangoes, etc., Some of them are imported from other countries like Vietnam (jackfruit), Philippines (banana), etc., Local shop keepers bring the veggies & fruits from a wholesale vegetable market in Dalian, they are quite friendly to foreigners & sometimes offer home delivery after work. They, not only sell veggies and fruits, but they also sell homemade Tofu and tofu products like smoke tofu, fried tofu, and tofu skin. In addition, they sell eggs from their home farm. Vegetable prices in the local stores nearby vary by the type of shops, it is cheaper in the open stalls compared with indoors.

Chinese New Year Foods | How to make Dumplings | Jiaozi | Tamil Vlog | Dalian | China

Foods to celebrate the chinese new year!

Chinese New Year is also called Spring Festival falls on the 1st day of the 1st month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Chinese Foods occupy a special place during the occasion of the new year. There are some must be eaten foods according to the Chinese custom, and these foods symbolize several things like Harmony, Prosperity, Wealth, Happiness, Longevity, Togetherness (Reunion), Good Health, Surplus, and much more!

New Year Dishes are prepared and consumed as a whole like steamed/braised whole chicken, steamed whole fish, roasted whole duck, etc., Fish in Chinese called 鱼 (Yu) which means Surplus - Fish is also eaten at the last and it is preserved for the next day. Fishes chosen for new year's dinner are crucian crap (jiyu) means good luck, Chinese mud crap (liyu) means gifts, cat fish (nianyu) means year surplus, eating two fish together symbolize surplus year after year! Fish also served in a way its head points the guest who is welcomed during the new year which symbolizes respect and they are the first ones to eat it. And the fish should be eaten without rotating it. Fish can be either steamed, braised, or boiled with spicy broth.

Chinese Dumplings (饺子 - Jiaozi) represent Chinese silver ingots (ancient Chinese gold), usually, dumplings are stuffed with fined chopped vegetables, minced meats like pork, shrimp, fish, chicken, and beef. And the wrappers are made of maize flour and it is prepared very thin and elastic. Dumplings can be cooked by boiling, steamed, fried, or baked.

Spring Rolls, Glutinous Rice Cakes, Sweet Rice Balls, Longevity Noodles, Good Fortune Fruits are several other foods that decorate the dining table during new year's eve!

Glittering City of China | Chinese New Year Decorations | Night lights | Tamil Vlog | Dalian City

Dalian city is full of decorations and ready for the upcoming festival! one can feel the festive season when they walk around the Dalian streets. This video will show you around some of the city decorations! places we have covered - Wu Yi Road, Olympic Square, People Square, Labor Park, Victory Square, and Xinghai Square.

Due to this city located in the northeastern part of China, it gets too cold in the winter and gets darker as early as 5pm onwards. Winter cold usually drops below 0° C and sometimes -25° C. Dalian people prefer to have their early dinner around 6pm and go to sleep by 9pm. Most of the restaurants and shops will be closed by 8 or 9pm.

February 4th is called Little Year (小年 / xiǎo nián) that falls on December 23rd of the Lunar calendar, It is also called Kitchen God Festival" in China. This is the day that kicks off the Chinese new year festival. During this day, there will be prayer ceremonies, people clean their houses to drive away the bad luck. A special stove candy will be made of malt and termed as sugar melons on this day! Spring couplets, paper cutouts will be used to decorate the doors and windows. A red paper is used for Spring Couplet and cutouts which signifies the festive color in China.

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