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I love to make moments unique. I love to feel inspired by new places and people around me.

My first name Nouar means probably nothing to you but actually it is interesting to know that it does mean light, in Arabic. The name was given, I've been told, by my Grandpa. He probably did it on purpose to sketch a kind of a passion for me or could this be just a coincidence? Who knows?! As you might guess, light is the most important in photography. Now I can see a smile enlightening your face hearing this.

I am Nouar Bellil and I am a photographer, an eclectic photographer and filmmaker. I was born in Algeria and came to France where I attended the University of la Sorbonne Nouvelle, in Paris, and received my Master degree in communication, at the Institute of Art & Media. Now I am living in Vienna (Austria) but available worldwide for weddings, commissions and cooperations.

My approach is always to privilege the daylight for photography work. In low light situations, I prefer pushing the settings of my camera until getting the most accepting and satisfying result instead of adding any of a non-natural source of light. But I do work with other sources of light when this would be imperative in some creative situations.

Photography and film - for me - are the most advanced ways of creative communications and transmissions in our postmodern era, when it comes to make alive memories and tell stories. My mission is to create photographs to engrave in minds these memories - forever.

Multilingual, multicultural, I speak English, ich spreche Deutsch & je parle Fran├žais... And Arabic as well as Berber or Amazigh, a north african native language.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want to ask for more details or just to say hello... ;-)

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Nouar Bellil

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