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Hello I'm a nonfiction illustrator based in Switzerland.

My services:

Map design

With geospatial information and design tools I create panoramic, illustrative or simply informative maps.

illustrative Data Visualization

I turn raw data into illustrative designs. Bleak numbers become compelling stories.

From still to animated

10+ years of experience in animation allows me to create content for applications on many platforms.

Visualizing History

I create visual journeys trough history. By tapping into archival sources, uncovering map data troves and working with archeologists and historians, up to date scientific accuracy is guaranteed.

classic illustrations

I offer a wide range of illustrative design styles on many platforms: From vector-based to hand drawn live on the spot. From still to animated.


My approach to info graphics: Visually attractive yet self-explanatory.

and what can I do for you?

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visit my portfolio page for more info. lesamu.myportfolio.com


images: LESAMU - all rights reserved

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