Cove Ascension Camp Silent Retreat April 2017

The view from PDX
Spring 2018 Restreat
This is the caption that I am using.

What a beautiful view of the mountain. How did I get this text in here. It is nice to have a quote or other text in a floating window.

The sunsets are awesome

Come jump over the mountain

This is how you add some text by using a glide show. If you hit the enter key it makes a new set of text on the glide show.

Here is the second piece of it

Thanks for watching

Created By
Timothy Welch


Created with images by tpsdave - "mount hood mountain" • Rick Obst - "National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center" • Docbaney - "mt hood mountain" • tpsdave - "mount hood mountain" • Zach Dischner - "Boys Will Be Boys" • Rick Obst - "National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center"

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