Spring Break Vacation 2017

Venice, Italy

For my Spring Break vacation, I would visit Italy. Some of the cities I'd like to go to would be Venice (pictured above), Rome, Sicily, Florence, Naples, and Pompeii.

(Left to right) Rome, Pompeii, Sicily, Naples, Florence


I would travel to Rome, Italy by plane. One round trip would be a little under $5,000.

I plan on staying in a nice hotel in Rome like this...

I would like a hotel like this because it has lots of history around it. It would be around $250 a night.


Coming from an Italian family, I have had many Italian dishes and know a lot about the history and food. But I would like to try authentic Italian food right in Italy. I would like to try pasta like tortellini, gnocchis, typical spaghetti and etc. I would also like to try authentic pizza and gelato.

Tortellini is small squares of pasta that are stuffed with meat or cheese and then rolled and formed into small rings.

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