Andrew Carnegie Robber Baron

  • Andrew Carnegie was a very rich and successful man in the steel industry who later in his life donated great sums of money to wonderful causes and places in need. On the other hand he had had excessive amounts of power, his workers were in horrible conditions and paid horribly, and he had obtained extreme wealth.
  • Carnegie had a great power over many other businesses at the time and wanted to make sure they knew that he was the best. He had told many people about his feelings toward their own businesses. Carnegie was talking to a friend of his Publisher Frank Doubleday and he had asked him "Do you know what I would do if I were in that kind of business?". Doubleday responded a little confused asking "No, what?" Carnegie then answered "I would get out of it." Carnegie wanted everyone to know that he had the power and he wasn't afraid to use it.

Andrew Carnegie was very known for not treating his workers very well and having them paid much less than the average steel workers. There was an interview with one of the workers in his factory and the things he said were just terribly depressing. He had told the interviewer that the average pay for one work day there was only "One dollar and forty cents." for that time period that could not support half of the families working there. Many men even died while working in these factories something would malfunction and a man would be drenched in molten lava. Carnegie didn't even seem to care about these hardworking men in his factory were being horribly injured or even killed.

  • Andrew Carnegie was once known as the wealthiest man in America. The Carnegie Corporation even just a few years ago had a net worth of 2.167 million dollars. He gave a lot of his money to charities during the gilded age. The only bad thing about his philanthropy is that he still refused to pay his workers an amount to support their own families.

Although after Carnegie's passing his donations, achievements, and buildings still live on today.

Carnegie Mellon College
  • Carnegie had founded the Carnegie Institution which helped give money to fund scientific research and give pension to teachers. He donated 10 million dollars just to these two funds. Carnegie still donated to many more places and his foundation is still donating money today to people in need.
  • Carnegie had many achievements in his life some of the biggest ones were creating one of most successful steel companies ever, he was a very influential writer in his later life, and donating almost 350 million dollars in philanthropy.

Carnegie had many building made for him and that he made in his lifetime and after. Some of the best know buildings made in his honor are his Carnegie Libraries (2,509 libraries to be exact), Carnegie Hall in New York City, and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.


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