Ellis Island By: Erica Kinkead

The purpose of people moving to the United States was for a new life and/or to get away from their home countries.

One test immigrants had to pass at Ellis Island was a legal test, a couple of questions were "Where did you last live? Are you married? Do you have children? What is your occupation? Do you have family in America?"

Cons of coming to Ellis Island

  • If the immigrants didn't pass the tests they could be deported, sent back to where they came from.
  • If women came alone they would have to wait for a male relative or sponsor.
  • During the day detained immigrants would wait in "pens". Each was built to hold 600 people, but more than often over 1,000 were jammed inside.

Pros of coming to Ellis Island

  • If a baby was born at Ellis Island Hospital it was automatically became U.S.┬ácitizens.
  • If they made it through the testing they were in the new country.
  • If women didn't have a male with them they had aid societies there on Ellis Island to help.

Daily life was different for people who were detained because some were from countries who were going through starvation and poverty, they were fed and sure they were kept in pens, but they weren't in starvation and cold.



Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland. In 1848 he moved with his family to the United States and settled in Pennsylvania. He made a fortune in the steel industry. Opening free local libraries was one of his favorite causes.

An interesting fact is Ellis Island was called "The Island of Hope."

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