FOCAL LENGTHS Camera lens stuff

Below are examples of different focal length lenses shot from a fixed distance.


135mm doesn't have a huge reach but when you need to get the cutting of the cake or that "I do" kiss without overstepping your bounds, this can be the difference between a great photograph and just another picture.


90mm is an extra special focal length, when I want the best subject separation, I reach for this guy.


This is my all around amazing lens. It's a bit tight for inside gatherings but if you concentrate on one person at a time, it is the most flattering and versatile. Also a great walk-about lens for reporting events.


The 28mm is the one I use the most around the house and it's also great for walking around with. I'd most likely use this to shoot photos of a business building, inside a shop or a beautiful landscape.


The 21mm is clearly the winner if you are shooting inside real estate photos. Combine that with a slider and a record button and you have yourself a super slick video to help sell a home.

The following photos will show how my face and the background compression changes when I move closer to the camera with different focal length lenses attached.


See how the background is looking further away... 55mm is where you start to see a sliming of facial features without looking distorted. They say that the closest to what the human eye sees is around 40-50mm.


The background has really pushed out now and if you swipe back up to the 90mm pic, you can see just how drastically different I look.

Thank you for viewing and please share with your friends. Contact me by one of the links below if you have a video or photo project you might want help with :)

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