Stop Pit bull bans Its not the DOGS FAULT

Why are pit bulls being banned in some places? Why are people scared of these dogs? Why do pit bulls have a bad reputation? You are the answer! Humans are the reason to pit bull bans. Humans are the reason why people are scared of these innocent dogs. Humans are the reason that these dogs have a bad reputation. Its all because of humans!

Blue Gray pitbull

Humans did this! Pit bulls got their name because people made them fight bulls and sometimes other dogs in dirt pits. That's how they got the name Pit-Bull. Pitt bull fighting is not allowed anymore. There is now a law saying that pit bull fighting is illegal. Although that law was passed doesn't stop people from training pit bulls to fight and be a frightful dog. They are not bad dogs. Its the people, the problem is bad people! Pit bulls weren't always bad dogs. In the movie The Little Rascals there is a pit bull named Pete. He was a well trained dog. Who ever trained him is an example of a good pit bull owners!

The little Rascals with Pete the Pit bull

Pit bulls are good dogs. Its the humans who have trained them are the real monsters. People train these dogs to attack. Its not the dogs fault! My opinion is that there should not be specific dog-breed bans. In the past there were other dogs that people were afraid of, and of course the government made those dog breeds banned too! People used to be scared of German Shepard's, Doberman, Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff, and now pit bulls. We need to put a stop to this!

Pit bulls are great dogs. I should know, I have two myself. Pit bulls are one of the most loyal dog there is. People used to call pit bulls nanny dogs because they would protect their children. Pit bulls would do anything to please there owner! They are loyal, protective, very sweet, and gentle dogs. Pit bulls are also 100% solid muscle, thats why they are sometimes used for fighting. Anything they are trained to do they can do very well.

This is why we should stop pit bull bans. Its not right for the breed to suffer. If you agree then don't treat dogs horribly ad know that every dog has the potential to be a great, loyal, sweet dog. I hope one day we will put an end to this cruelty. Just we all need to put a stop to this. Stop pit bull bans!


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