McDonald's around the world USA, Japan, Israel by Breckin Younger

As you may know, McDonald's is very popular and successful fast food chain. What you might not have know is that they operate over 36,000 restaurants all around the world and the McDonald's company makes around 27 billion dollars each year! In fact, McDonald's is the most successful fast food chain in the world.

Although most of the food items are similar through the world, there are a lot of different choices on the McDonald's menu in different countries.

For exapmple: Most McDonald's in Japan serve items such as the Shrimp Filet-o, the Mac Pork, the Teriyaki Mac Burger, and many other interesting items.

Burger menu at a Japanese McDonald's

There are lots of similar food options between the US and Japan like the Cheese burger, Filet-o fish and the Big Mac, as well as differences like how Japan serves wasabi chicken nuggets and the Tamago double Mac while parts of the US serve items such as Biscuits and Gravy and Johnsonville Brats.

Another great example of the different types of food around the world is McDonald's in Israel. They serve a variety foods ranging from the McKebab to chicken nuggets. Around 50 out of the 180 McDonald's restaurants are run by Kosher, meaning they cook and serve their food a certain way due to religion. For instance, Kosher McDonald's don't serve any pork.

Although the restaurants may have different features, it's all the same restaurant that we know and love.

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