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RTL plugin for Adobe XD on Mac
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No more ghost text on Mac

What is new? Aug 2020

Sidebar panel control
Break lines natively

About the plugin

The plugin allows editing an existing text box or creating a new one while retaining the original design + basic ability to emphasize bold words, underline and italics.
Editing an existing text box

How does It work?

Opening the plug-in (Command + T) open a sidebar where you can easily type text and see the product at the same time.
Opening the plugin (Command + T) on an existing text box allows editing the text in the sidebar that opens. Adding an 'enter' will break line in a native way.
be sure to add the 'enter' with no space before it so the lines will be aligned to the right side of the text box.

Bold - Add an asterisk with *asterisk* before and after text

Italics - Add a _lowercase_ before and after text

Underline - add a ~before~ and after text

Currently, not supported are:

  • The text inside Repeat Grid ...
  • Controls the color of a specific word in the text.

download here and spread the word: https://xd.adobelanding.com/en/xd-plugin-download/?name=6359fc42

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