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About Modular 105

Modular105 Limited is a Kent based company that specialises in bespoke garages that are specially designed to fit our clients needs. We provide a premier service that offers far more than is possible with a traditional timber or brick structure. With a focus on exceptional customer service we interact directly our clients and encourage them to be as involved in the design and build process as they would like.

Our use of high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship results in a final product that is a cut above the rest. It is our attention to detail and refusal to accept second best that makes us the first choice for a one of a kind garage. We believe that garages should be built to the same high quality as the other areas of your house and with this in mind are always looking to incorporate innovative new products that could save you time and energy.

We are in the unique position of being able to unify a vintage style of building with state-of-the-art contemporary expertise. This allows us to create a space that from the exterior is in keeping with a more traditional build whilst the overall construction and finish exceeds modern standards.

themed garages

What makes us different?

Aside from our use of high quality materials and superb craftsmanship the main reason we stand out from others is the unique modular system that all of our buildings are based upon. Each building has an aluminium frame and panels which are 0.5m wide. These panels can be either solid or glass but there is no set style in which they must be arranged.

One of the main advantages of this style is its flexibility, our clients are able to choose exactly where they would like glass panels and where they would prefer solid walls/sections. Similarly the doors can be positioned anywhere around the building. As well as this each element of the room can be personalised - the doors, windows, interior decoration, exterior cladding, roof style and the overall size and shape of the building. This means that no two builds are ever the same and each has the personal touch of the owner shining through.

The flexibility of design follows through to the exterior of the building where we are specialists in creating heritage styled garages from top to bottom in partnership with Themed Garages. Together we can design, build and decorate an authentic vintage styled garage that also incorporates the modern conveniences of heating, electrics and tailored lighting.

This modular structure also means the building can be deconstructed and relocated with relative ease. It can be transported in a flat packed form which makes it possible to transport it abroad should it be necessary.

What's included in our service?

We offer a comprehensive service from start to finish and pride ourselves on the high level of customer service that we provide throughout. Each project begins with a site survey so we can gain an understanding of the final location; this can be influential during the design process or may affect how the building is finally installed.

Following this and a consultation with the client we can put together a design package that incorporates all of the desired elements and offers a range of options as to the final finish. We believe that the design process should be an open dialogue between the designer and the customer so that they alterations can be easily made and ideas can be experimented with. We use computer rendered designs as well as 3D printed models to help our customers visualise the room and can even super impose it onto the final site if required.

Once a final design has been agreed upon and the client is completely happy we are able to begin manufacture at our workshop in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. This can take 6-8 weeks to complete but our clients are invited to visit us throughout this process if they wish to so they can see the progress being made.

When completing a speciality build that is being individually styled we have a wide range of options and techniques that can be used to create an authentic looking building. For example we can use aged exterior cladding or corrugated iron to replicate the antique look but this would still be combined with full insulation and electrics. For the interior we can use a combination of authentic themed pieces and vinyl printed images that can be applied directly to the interior walls.

We endeavour to install the building at a time that is most convenient for the client and causes the least disruption; the majority of our buildings can be installed in under 2 days including full connection by a qualified electrician. Due to the modular nature of the construction we are able to easily transport all of the pieces though to gardens that only have through house access.

Additionally we offer a full follow up service including installation of internal furniture or adjustments to the building. We are also able to relocate the building to an alternative location should this be required in the future.

The Build Process

The way we construct our buildings on site is different to a traditional build and this is due to our modular style of design. The following series of images show the stages in which we construct a building and also demonstrate the high level of detail we can include in our designs. It should be noted that although each build follows the same process, no two are ever the same. Each element of the building is flexible and can be personalised by our clients whether this is its size, the style and position of the doors and windows or the interior paint colour.

The Frame

The first step is to put up the supporting aluminium frame. This is made of anodised aluminium and is extremely strong and durable. It is multifunctional as it provide both the structure of the building and the fixing points for any internal furniture and storage.


Specialised flooring can be installed if requested. Depending on the desired final finish we can make recommendations and help our clients find the most appropriate style.

The Roof and Walls

Next the panels are installed - they can be solid and fully insulated or double glazed glass. These panels can be placed at any position throughout the building as chosen by the client. This building has the majority of panels as glass but solid ones can be seen along the back wall and some of the far wall.

Following this the roof is fitted along with any exterior decoration. Similarly to the panels all of these features can be personalised to create a one of a kind bespoke garage that fits with the intended environment.

We work with our clients and our partners to design and create a garage that is exactly fits the specification. This can include internal decorations and fittings to create an authentic vintage build.

Doors and Electrics

Finally the doors are fitted and the outer cladding is attached to cover any aluminium frame that is visible on the outside. The garage can now be secured and is fully functional.

We always bring a qualified electrician on site with us to ensure all of the electrics are properly installed and to complete the final connection the the house electrical supply.

Different Designs

This image demonstrates a different combination of solid and glass panels and also illustrates what the exterior cladding looks like. As with everything else in the building the internal and exterior decoration is chosen by the client and can be as extravagant or as subtle as they like.

Case Study

The above images document a recent garage construction that was especially designed to house two Morgan cars. This lead us to use vinyl graphics on the interior to personalise it further. The images show the different stages of construction - from the aluminium frame to the solid panels and exterior cladding. The central image above focuses on the glass panels we installed that contain integrated blinds - these are easy to use and remove a surface for the build up of dust.

We offer a comprehensive service from an initial site survey through to the final delivery and installation. We include a complementary design service as part of this process and we always generate 3D computer renderings of our designs so our clients can clearly see how the building would sit within its final environment.

themed garages studio

Our Collaborators

We have been discussing the possibility of a collaboration with Themed Garages - this would allow us to combine our modern construction techniques with their flair for period decoration and ultimately create an exciting new garage space which is perfectly designed for each clients needs and wishes.

An indication of their work can be seen in the above rendered drawings or alternatively take a look at their website using the button below.

Contact Us

01892 514781


Town Court Farm, Bayham Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 5HU

Please visit our website via the button below for more information or feel free to contact us via email or phone if you would like to discuss a project in more detail or to organise a site visit. Alternatively we always welcome visitors at our workshop where we can give you a tour and demonstrate the different areas of the build process.

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