Layout refers to the arrangement of machinery, equipment and other industrial facilities for achieving quickest and smooth production.

the plan or design or arrangement of something laid out:

final arrangement of matter to be reproduced especially by printing.

the act or process of planning or laying out in detail. .

Layout / Space planning is the process of organizing in-store elements to create a customer flow, like a map showing you the road to featured products. For example, grocery stores are laid out to lead you to the best-looking products first.

A good store layout serves many purposes, such as for instance customer flow, the prevention of shoplifting and logistics. ... To achieve this, it is important to create the right balance between fast and smooth (customer) flow on the one hand and provision of space on the other

Common store layouts for your consideration.

Forced-Path Store Layout. ...

Grid Store Layout. ...

Loop Store Layout. ...

Straight Store Layout. ...

Diagonal Store Layout. ...

Angular Store Layout. ...

Geometric Store Layout. ...

Mixed Store Layout.

Multiple Suppliers

Multiple sourcing may help buyers get more for their money. “Using multiple sources provides competition and an incentive for each supplier to improve cost and service," Hough explains. “Some organizations award a higher percentage of the business to the supplier with the lowest cost or best performance."

7 Tips for Managing Multiple Vendors

Understand the costs of your vendors and the value they provide

Communicate to avoid mistakes when managing multiple vendors

Establish your business’s priorities with vendors

Work with vendors to help strategize services

Establish long term partnerships

Monitor your vendor’s performance

Plan for contingencies and everyday exceptions

Maintaining Good Vendor Management Practices

Managing your vendors is an ongoing process. The more you communicate with you vendors and the longer your partnerships last, the greater value you’ll get from their services. Each vendor will typically provide you a dedicated rep, and you should develop a positive relationship with this person. Make sure you provide them with a direct point of contact on your end. By nurturing better partnerships with your vendors and knowing you can count on them to provide the services you need, you’ll be able to focus more on your own work.

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