marian anderson

Marian Anderson;who has been called"the voice of the america soul,"was born in Philadelphia in 1902.she dreamed of singing on the concert stage,but she was denied entrance to music school because she was "colored"refusing to abandon hope,she studied under the prominent vocal coach Giuseppe Boghetti and began to perform for small.

Segregated audiences,gradually rising from obscurity to fame.During the early 1930s she successfully toured Europe,and by 1935 she was being hailed as one of the century's greatest singer. Nevertheless,in 1939 the all.white Daughters of the American revolution barred her from singing in their Washington, D.C., auditorium.

She responded by giving a historic concert at the Lincoln Memorial, where she was cheered by 75,000 America. In 1955, she became the first black singer to perform with the Metropolitan Opera .not bothering with small talk Bing got right to the point:"would you be interested in singing with the Metrpolitan?" not sure he was serious,Anderson just looked at him, and he repeated the question. finally she said, "I think i would." bing said the role he had in mind

Eleven years after her disastrous 1924 concert, marian anderson returned to Manhattan's Town hall in triumph. Reviewing her December 30, 1935, performance in the New York times, critic howard Taubman called her "one of the great singer of our time,"and" the possessor of an exceling voice and art." he compared her with Joe Louis, the black boxer who would soon become heavyweight champion of the world. Both,he noted, had grown up poor;both had become successful by developing their"natural endowments.

She stepped across the stage and the applause rose from the audience in a sweeping throbbing wave her eyes glistening her lips in a tight smile she whispered thank you thank you suddenly dramatically the entire audience 2,900 persons stood clapping cheering and acclaiming the woman on stage Marian Anderson these words were part of a New York times report on the final concert of Anderson's career held in Carnegie hall on Easter Day April 19,1965 the performance climaxed a tour that the singer had begun the previous October in Washington, D.C;s constitution hall.

Tedards, Anne. Marian Anderson. New York: Chelsea House, 1988. Print.


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