Psychologist By Sara Fritsch

Nature of work

Psychologist teach, council, and conduct research, or administer programs to help them understand themselves

Psychologists also individual and group behavior through testing, experimenting and studying personal behavior

Working Conditions

If they work in colleges they will probably have a building in the school and access to a laboratory in which they carry out experiments. School psychologists may have an office in the school system headquarters may see students and parents in office


The appropriate outfits for a female psychologist are a blouse, pant suite, conservative dresses, slacks and a sweater set, skirt that is only a couple inches above the knee when sitting. Psychologists buy their own clothes.

Training and preparation

In high school, to become a psychologist you should take college prep courses, english, computer science, mathematics, science, algebra, geometry, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology, and a foreign language

College- masters degree and no medical school


The salary per hour for a Psychologist is $34.77

The annual amount for a Psychologist is $72,310


Depends on which psychologist you are. Ones that teach might rank to professor and ones who work for the government might be promoted to head a section or personnel services.

Job Outlook

There are about 16 Psychology jobs and many more counting. I think they'll still be around in years to come because there is still many things to learn about humans.

Related occupations

A Psychiatrist is a related career

accurate or inaccurate?

My career is accurate, I really enjoy helping people out, the job has always fascinated me, and I want to learn about why we do what we do, it seems like a fun and interesting field to work with!

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