project in week 2 by elias and adam

in our second week we have begun continuing our presentation doc we helped each other through the presentation and did the things we needed to do, we done some more research on many types of games to give us more ideas for us to include in our game and keep developing we have looked on steam and looked at the games that inspired us the most to look at the reviews that people left behind, we also been searching up games up on google to see that pops up and see what types of western games are out there however besides our researching i wished we put some more time into the presentation as it needed abit more work on it, unfortunately i was not here to participate in the practice run for our presentation also after we did out main presentation i feel asif we could of done something more with the power point

next time we will be working on the things that we need the most such as putting what research we have together and start coming up with a story and characters

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