My Experience of The Divine by Jacob Reed

Theatre Entrance, Constans Theatre. Personal photograph by author. 2017.

When I first entered the theatre, I wasn't sure what to expect. I have been to several plays before this one, but never one at a college campus with college actors. I had great seats, we weren't too close but also not too far and we were right in the middle. It didn't feel real until the lights dimmed and the actors entered the stage. From then on out I was immersed in the play.

Theatre with Friends, Constans Theatre. Personal photograph by author. 2017.

I attended the performance with my friends from high school Bryant and Niran. My fraternity (Lambda Chi Alpha) was hosting a few girls from Pi Beta Phi for dinner, so directly before the performance I had to attend the dinner in nice clothes, so I was already dressed and prepared for the performance from that. Attending with friends helped me because after the play we were able to discuss it and give each other our opinions. Shared experiences are an important part of the good life because it involves communication and bonding with other humans.

Art outside Theatre, Constans Theatre. Personal photograph by author. 2017.

The play focused on staying true to who you are and serving justice. I knew vaguely of conditions faced by poor people in that time period and the reputation of the church, but I didn't have extensive knowledge on this subject. I didn't realize how pressuring the church could be to keep secrets to avoid ruining their reputation. I also now realize how dangerous working conditions were for children in factories. It's sad to think that innocent children had to die in such horrible ways due to poverty forcing them into those roles. The play didn't directly correlate with my life but the central issue of staying true to who you are and standing up for yourself is something I identity with strongly. I am also a firm believer in justice, so I was glad to see that a police report was eventually filed on the priest.

Leaving Theatre, Constans Theatre. Personal photograph by author. 2017.

The play did a great job on touching on sensitive topics. Often in our society, subjects such as rape and the death of children are taboo to talk about. The play let us watch events unfold touching on these topics and let us ponder on and see how messed up those things really are, but also glimpse at the pain and suffering of those who have been affected by this. The Question and Answer session after the play was also helpful because we were able to discuss these topics and hear how the actors were able to get into their role and portray these horrible topics.

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