Genetics By: Mason B.

What Is genetics

Genetics is the study of featurs of someone or something
Picture of words describing genetics


What Is Dna

Dna is a long stran that consists of chromosomes and alels. It is basicaly the building block for youre body.

Dna is such a large part of genetics and life in general.

What Does Dna Do

Dna is a large fundimental peice to life and the reproduction of it. What it does is it is the building block of all things in organims and in humans. Each stran of dna consist of diffrent instructions on what to do like one might say what color har,skin,eye color you might have. In general it will tell you what traits you will have. It also tells youre body what to make and how much for example it will tell youre body how many blood cells to produce or how much protien you should have and so on so forth

Chromosomes And Allels

What are they

What are chromosomes-Chromosomes carry genetic information. They are a thread like structure.

What are allels-Allels are one of the alternative types of genes.

Chromosme Alele



Passing of physical traits from one parent to offspring

What is heredity

Heredity, In general Heredity is basicaly the science behind how traits get past down as well as why you get some traits and why you don't get other traits from youre parents. There are diffrent types of traits there are dominate, non dominate, Heterosygos, homozygos, homozygos dominate.

How traits are passed down.



Traits are basicaly what you have like youre eye color and so on so forth.

How it works

This works by each of yore parents have a specific trait like youre dad might have a non dominate trait and youre mom might have a dominite trait that determines what type of trait you would get.

Hetorozygos dominateBb homozygos bb,BB


In the end genetics consists of Dna,Traits,Heredity, and chromosmes and allels and many more. heredity is just how traits get passed down from parent to offspring. As well as how you come to be.

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