Clouds Mary freiberger p.4

Stratus Cloud, Rain showers, unstable environment, 2000 meters
Stratocumulus, Rain showers, unstable, 2,400 meters
Cirrocumulus, cloudy, stable, 2,600 meters
Altostratus, unstable, rain showers possible, 2,300 meters
Stratus, stable, cloudy, 2,000 meters
Altocumulus, cloudy storms could arise, stable, 2,800
Alto, stable, cloudy, 2,500
Alto, unstable, cloudy chance of rain, 2,500
Alto, unstable, cloudy rain showers are possible, 2,600
Alto, unstable, scattered rain showers, 3,000
Cirrus, stable, cloudy but mostly sunny, probably no rain 6,000 meters
Cirrus, stable, cloudy, 5,800 meters
Cirrus, stable, mostly sunny, 5,400 meters
Cirrus, sunny, stable, 5,000
Cirrus, stable, sunny, 4,800 meters

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