Vertical Challenge by Christopher Hetterich with Seth P. and Ben B.

In this project, my class broke up into groups. I am with Seth P. and Ben B. For this project, we have to build a robot on a wall and lift weight up. There are rules like the robot has to be inside the square, and nothing can touch the wall for like support. The purpose of this project is to see how much weight our robot can lift.

My Pseudocode - Motors on and motors on for a certaint amount of time

Our First Flowchart(degrees should be speed)
Our First Program

The first build had a large pulley system but we had to reconstruct it because it did not meet the standards because of the chalk tray. We did not document a picture because we did not start testing it.

Before we submit the information, we tweaked the program to automatically stop

New Flowchart for the new program
Our Second program
Our build

This build has 2 pulleys and the lower one is there just to keep the load away from the chalkboard. This robot wasn't very successful but it made the requironments

We lifted 345 grams

What I learned was that you need to figure out your build before you make it and look at all of the rules because we had to completely change everything because we didn't know that we could not touch the chalk tray.


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