Janel Opeka Yoga. Every. Day.

Yoga is discipline, dedication, concentration and intensity.

It is also playfulness, fun and joy.

A celebration of being alive.

I greet each morning with a moving meditation.

I am thankful for the present moment. Gratitude abounds.

Commitment to a daily practice sets an intention of worthiness. Your mind and body gradually strengthen and become more flexible. Your heart begins to open. Love is a continuous flow.

On our mats we are not burdened by labels or others' expectations. We tap into our true selves. Pushing our limits and pulling back when necessary without judgement.

Sink into the pose a little deeper. Reach through your fingertips an inch further.


You always have your breath to support, lift and guide you.

With time and dedication, what you once thought impossible is attainable. And like roots spreading firmly into the ground the progression makes its way into all aspects of your life.

Rise and shine.

Yoga is a practice. Your practice becomes a journey leading to transformation. With any journey, each day is different. The importance lies in staying the course.

You are worth it.

The light in me honors the light in you.


Yoga Instructor. Ironman Triathlete.



Words - Janel Opeka ~ Photography - Dean Pagani

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