The Middle East News Cortes

January 24 2017 the west and some of it is Middle Eastern allies are striking back with targeted strakes not only in Iraq, where the coalition has a willing partner, but in Syria where it is not working with All-Assad.

February 23 2017 1:50 pm. Strong thunderstorm are set several regions of Morocco

In Syria where it is not working with Al-Sadd. Iraq jet strikes Islamic State in Syria for first time as troops advanced in Mosul.

Since February 24 2017 hundreds of thousands of Yemeni children are nearing starvation do to the lack of food.

In Syria, car bomb kills scores in area recaptured from Islamic State. Tuesday February 24 2017. Also not long ago in February 20 2017 four Russians service men

Over 30,000 people have died in the violence that swept Libya since the start of 2011. The country saw dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who had led the country since 1969, ousted and killed by rebels. However, when the country elected a new government in 2012, it did not mark the end of tensions. Libya has since slid into a second civil war.

Away from Iraq front lines, the Islamic State is creeping back in. The militant group is taking advantage of widespread corruption to reestablish roots in areas retaken by security forces. February 22 2017 Iraq.

In Tuesday February 28 2017 arrested German journalist in turkey stains relations between Erdogan and Merkel. There were signs that the arrest of Deniz Yucel was considered a step to far, even by some in Turkey ruling circle.

Iran holds military exercises in response to U.S. sanctions. Drills to include missile tests, following a week of rising tension between Iran and Trump administration. Iran February 4 2017.

Turkey detains more than 800 people in operation against Islamic state. The sweep- the nations largest targeting the militant group highlighted worries after a wave of violence. February 6 2017.


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