AIR BALL! Dustin Benedict

My piece of art took many days to create. During this process, I made a soccer field with a cleat kicking a soccer ball into the air. To create this, I used many oil pastels.

My art work is made up with value, emphasis, and unity. I used a little bit of shading too. The mediums I used is oil pastels and a pencil. The other material i used was white paper.

The idea behind my art work was to have a soccer ball in the air with a shadow. However, it turned out to be a soccer ball with a cleat kicking it. I like the way it decided to turn out.

My goal was to make a grand piece of artwork with a soccer ball in the air. While in the air it was supposed to spin but i didn't like that idea so i changed it to a regular ball.

My overall thoughts of my piece were that it was better than I thought it would turn out. I like that the shadow was a perfect shade of green. All together the project turned out well.

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Dustin Benedict

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