Exploration 1 By William King

Topic 1: Why are films obsessed with prodigies?

So many of the films mostly focuses on geniuses who ace within their area. These films give us a sight indication that we need to feel smart to appreciate ourselves more. Does the films give us that motivation when we see a prodigy doing some extremely complicated math or gives us insightful things about the imperfectness of the prodigy itself?

For example, this movie, Dark Matter, tells a story about a Ph.D student that has conflicts with his professor. Long story short, the Ph.D student ultimately kills his own professor. This is telling us that geniuses are not perfect like us. Does this mean that there are exceptions and limits of what we can or cannot do?
Topic two: Are there films that breaks certain stereotypes?

Well, you're looking at one right now! This movie, Good Will Hunting, breaks the stigma of the stereotypes that geniuses tend to be socially awkward nerds that wears nothing but glasses and undergarments. Instead, we got a troubled genius who works at the MIT as a janitor and get into a lot of trouble. But will one enough break the whole stereotype of a genius?

Since most of the movies are filled with stereotypes, I'll introduce you with, Genius, this movie is at first stereotypical, but goes into the process of "joining in" and trying to juggle between junior high and college. How are the process of being a genius being value in a society?
Topic 3: Why do horror movies make us fear things that relate to our lives?

In a movie, a house can obviously portray that the safespace that we feel comfortable in, but at the same time, danger is everywhere. And that's what most of the horror movies portray, that anywhere is danger How can fear make us vulnerable to the things in our everyday lives?

Horror movies especially show that sleeping is not safe. The fear that drives us into insanity; it's even more scary if you don't have enough sleep. Why does fear make us feel vulnerable to the things that aren't obviously not real? Why do we have an obsession to these type of things in the first place?

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